Zinc oxide ore beneficiation method

Zinc oxide ore beneficiation method

After grinding, the lead flotation tailings grade 1-3 fine roughing each grade rougher concentrate were 1-3 times selection, select the coarse ore in the mine, and the first time into the next selection After the rough selection, the fine flotation is carried out to obtain the concentrate.

For large floating particles floating characteristics of the muddy zinc oxide ore first floating pellets, to solve the problems of the prior art are difficult to muddy zinc oxide ore flotation fundamentally, not only elect a useful zinc oxide ore from the muddy Zinc ore, but also improve the recovery rate of zinc oxide ore, reduce the amount of zinc oxide in tailings, reduce the consumption of flotation agent, and make the mineral resources of argillaceous zinc oxide ore be effectively utilized. Welcome to the company's official website http://

The specific flotation process is as follows

Lead-zinc ore dressing equipment -- grinding the argillaceous zinc oxide ore to make the particle size of -0.1mm account for 50 % to 80 %;

Lead-zinc ore beneficiation equipment - the flotation of lead oxide is carried out by graded overflow of finely ground slurry;

Lead-zinc ore dressing equipment -- The lead flotation tailings are sent into the mixing tank, the concentration of the pulp is controlled at 25 ~ 35 %, the flotation agent is added, the pH value of the pulp is controlled to 9-11 , and the mixing is 6-15 min ;

D, mineral concentration equipment - the flotation of fine particles after the step D middlings sent Φ150mm following hydrocyclone group or a high-frequency fine sieve desliming, following removal of fine mud -0.074mm stirred sent Bucket, control the concentration of slurry to 25 -35 %, supplement the flotation agent, control the pH value of the slurry 9-11 , stir for 5-12min , and send it to the flotation tank;

Lead-zinc ore dressing equipment -- The above-mentioned slurry is sent to the flotation tank for coarse-graining of 1-3 grades, and each grade of coarse ore concentrate is selected 1-3 times, and the rough-selected ore is selected into the next-level rough selection. ,

Less than 16% clay slurry is a 6-8min rougher, rougher concentrate were 1-3 times and each 1-2min the selection to give the product concentrate, middlings and selection 1 selected crude The mine enters the mud; 17-21% of the clay slurry for two 5-7min roughing and each stage, each stage for 1-3 times rougher concentrate and concentrate to give the product selection 1-2min each second stage 1 The selected middle mines and the second-grade rough-selected mines enter the de-sludge; 22-26% of the clay slurry to a tertiary 4-6min roughing and each stage, each stage rougher concentrate 1-3 times and for each choice of 1-2min, concentrate to give the product of the third stage One selected medium mine and the third grade rough selected mine entered the mud removal.

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