Zhejiang Jiaheng Lock Industry----There is a prize collection slogan!

In order to expand the brand's social awareness and improve the brand's social awareness, the company decided to advertise to CCTV to guide consumers to the new idea of ​​anti-theft lock core consumption. Now through the collection of brand advertising slogans for industry friends, bring together the wisdom of the public, brainstorming, absorb unique ideas, expand the influence of brand culture, and in-depth promotion of Jiaheng anti-theft lock core brand. Let more people have Jiaheng, love Jiaheng, and use Jiaheng. Improve the affinity of Jiaheng anti-theft lock core brand, promote the relationship between brand and consumers, and achieve good results in brand promotion and product sales.

★ 征★集★流★程★

First, the theme of the collection: advertising language (for CCTV 7 sets of advertising)

Second, the collection time: August 5, 2013 to August 10, 2013
Third, the scope of collection: all partners in the country, as well as all industry insiders

Fourth, the reward setting: the final recruitment award (1): cash 10,000 yuan finalist award (100): Jiaheng double sword C-class anti-theft lock core distinguished level 1

V. Call for Collection 1. To meet the positioning of the brand or enterprise to be disseminated.
2. Must have impact and appeal.
3. Easy to spread, easy to read, easy to remember, no more than 12 words (including 12 words)
4. Pay attention to language and literary talents.

VII. Activity Rules 1. The slogan is Simplified Chinese, and English and other languages ​​may not be used. No special symbols may be applied.
2. Participants' application must be original.
3. Submit the work to . When submitting a work, it must be accompanied by a paragraph of explanation to explain the meaning and creative ideas of the slogan and sign it.
The contributor must indicate the location of the name and phone number and the full name of the company.
4. After the winning slogan is paid, the copyright of the slogan is owned by Jiaheng Company.
5. If duplicate slogans appear during the collection process, the first submitter will be the main one, and the subsequent submitter will not be eligible for the evaluation.
6. Allow one person to submit multiple slogans during the collection process, and multiple slogans can be evaluated at the same time.
7. All participants indicated that they have read and understood the rules of the event in detail and have no objection to the rules of the event.
8. If there are other unclear points, please contact the General Channel Department Marketing Planning Huang Yueming: Contact Number 9. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Jiaheng Company.

The slogan is not a simple word game. It serves as the slogan of the brand or the company and bears the important function of appealing to the brand. The creation of slogans is a matter of learning. It is not only expressed in language art, but also in marketing think tanks.

Everyone should actively use their brains to make the most of your intelligence!

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