Zhangzhou Tungsten Industry can be featured in the World Expo

On February 26, the reporter received a call from Mr. Xu from the public. He believed that Cangzhou was known as the “World Tungsten Capital”. Therefore, Cangzhou Tungsten Industry can be considered as a featured industry to be exhibited at the Shanghai World Expo.

Zhangzhou is the birthplace of China's tungsten industry. It has been in existence for more than 100 years since the discovery of tungsten in the West China Mountain in Dayu. In this short and long period of 100 years, the Ganzhou tungsten industry has grown from nothing to the future. It can be said that the development of China's tungsten industry and even the world's tungsten industry is deeply imprinted on the brand of Ganzhou. After nearly several decades of construction and development, Ganzhou has formed a relatively complete tungsten industry system including mining, smelting and processing, product testing, R&D and design, education and training, and has become a pillar industry of the city's industry, the province and even the province. The main production area and distribution center of tungsten and tungsten smelting products in China. In recent years, the Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to the development of the tungsten industry and continuously increased the intensity of resource integration and structural adjustment. A number of tungsten processing enterprises have grown rapidly, creating a new situation in the development of the city's tungsten industry.

Mr. Xu believes that if the Ganzhou Tungsten Industry can be exhibited at the World Expo, it will be able to display the characteristics of Ganzhou and Jiangxi.  

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