Yu Diamond: The first half of the year, the operating income increased sharply and actively entered the downstream tool products industry.

In the first half of the year, the company's operating income and net profit increased by 47.98% and 41.43% respectively. The reason for the substantial increase in operating income was the increase in sales revenue from the expansion of production scale. The gross profit margin was 45.63%, which was 0.58% lower than the gross profit margin of last year's annual report. The main reason for the gross profit margin and net profit margin was much higher than that of other companies in the same industry. First, the company started from the original auxiliary materials supplier, and the raw material self-sufficiency reduced the cost; The company's advanced technology, all equipped with large presses is conducive to improving the proportion of high-grade products and increase production efficiency.

The company has already built a fundraising project with its own funds in the early stage. At the end of this year, the fundraising project will reach production in advance, and it is estimated that it will be fully produced next year. With the surge in downstream orders, the company worked overtime to increase production, and the production capacity was gradually released. The compound growth rate of profits in the next three years will exceed 50%. The biggest value in the synthetic diamond industry chain lies in the field of diamond products with the largest added value. The company is actively preparing to enter the downstream tool products industry.

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