Yellow River Cyclone: ​​It is estimated that the total profit this year will reach 250 million yuan.

"2013 planned operating income was 1.448 billion yuan - 1.573 billion yuan, operating costs were 9.7 billion yuan - 1.066 billion yuan, various costs 262 million yuan - 274 million yuan, total profit 226 million yuan - 251 million yuan." June On the evening of the 3rd, the Yellow River whirlwind returned to the Shanghai Stock Exchange's 2012 annual report review letter.

In addition, the Yellow River whirlwind also disclosed the total purchase amount of the top five customers: in 2012, the company's top five suppliers purchased 354 million yuan, accounting for 42.18% of the company's total annual purchases.

The Yellow River whirlwind also stated that the aforementioned 2013 business plan is to carefully analyze the changes in the external environment and internal situation, and based on the demand situation of domestic and foreign markets, combined with the company's production scale, technology level and market development status. In order to achieve the above goals, the company is working to improve the following aspects:

(1) Strengthening technological innovation and improving product technology advantages

Accelerate the research and development and transformation of the three new projects of “new technologies, new processes and new performances” and enhance the industrialization level of technological innovation. Give full play to the technological advantages of enterprises, increase the development of scientific research on major projects, improve the incentive mechanism for scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the declaration and management of intellectual property rights, improve the construction of enterprise technology innovation platforms, and make science and technology truly become the source of enterprise development. According to the company's long-term science and technology development plan, combined with the actuality of enterprise science and technology innovation, we will focus on the research and development of the three major areas of functional superhard material synthesis technology, composite materials and products, and metal powder milling technology.

(2) Strengthen market development and increase market share

Continue to play the brand advantage of the company's products, consolidate old customers and open up new markets with stable quality. Strengthen the refined market strategy for the single crystal industry, develop products for different industries and different industries to meet market demand; especially metal powder and super-hard composite materials, constantly seek new economic growth points from existing projects, improve super-hard materials Industry chain, make full use of the company's technological advantages and improve the company's core competitiveness.

(3) Further promote the company's internal control and budget and information construction

Taking the company's internal control and budget and information construction as an opportunity to enhance the company's process reengineering, improve the performance appraisal system, marketing and credit management and other informatization construction, further standardize corporate governance, improve management efficiency and efficiency.

Wind data shows that in 2012, the total profit of the Yellow River whirlwind was about 196 million yuan, and the company's operating profit in the first quarter of 2013 was about 58 million yuan. These data were not disclosed in the old version of the 2012 annual report. The company only made a supplementary disclosure after receiving the annual report review letter from the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The Yellow River whirlwind is the largest diamond production base in China, and its output ranks first in the country and in the forefront of the world.

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