World Wind Energy Association predicts huge potential for future development of wind power

The latest World Wind Energy Report released by the World Wind Energy Association on May 20 shows that in the past ten years, the global installed capacity for wind power has soared from 30 GW to 282 GW. By the end of 2012, the annual global wind power generation amounted to 580 TWH, accounting for about 3% of the world's total annual electricity generation, with a production value of 75 billion US dollars.

The data shows that Asia is the fastest growing region for wind power. Among the 100 countries that use wind power in the world, Asia has the largest new installed capacity, accounting for 36.3% of the world, followed by North America and Europe, which accounted for 31.3% and 27.5% respectively. Wind power development in other regions is slow, with Latin America accounting for 3.9% of Oceania. 0.8%, Africa 0.2%.

In Europe, Germany has been a large wind power generator with an installed capacity of 31 GW, followed by Spain with 22.8 GW, followed by Italy, France and the United Kingdom with an installed capacity of approximately 7.5 to 8.5 GW.

The report predicts that there is huge room for future development of wind power. By 2016, the global wind power installed capacity will reach 500 GW, and it is expected to reach 1,000 GW in 2020.

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