Winter health care knowledge

First, maintain indoor air circulation

1. In the winter, people are used to keeping the doors and windows of the house tight. This will cause the indoor carbon dioxide concentration to be too high. If the decomposition products of sweat are added, the bad gases removed by the digestive tract will cause serious pollution to the indoor air. .

2. People in such an environment may experience dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite.

3. In addition, winter is a good season for carbon monoxide poisoning, so it is necessary to keep indoor air circulation and freshness.

Second, regulate diet

1. The nutritional characteristics of the winter diet should be: adequate intake of heat that is compatible with its exposure to cold and activity.

2, the proportion of nutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrates, respectively, accounted for 15 to 23%, 25 to 35%, 60 to 70%. Mineral intake should also be slightly higher than usual. Part of the vitamin should pay special attention to increase the amount of vitamin C needed. Ingest enough animal foods and soybeans to meet the demand for high-quality protein, and appropriately increase the oil, of which vegetable oil is preferably more than half. In addition, the intake of vegetables, fruits and milk must be sufficient.

Third, the yin and protect the yang

1. In winter, due to the yin and yang of the natural world, the cold air is attacking people, and it is easy to damage the yang of the human body. Therefore, the winter health should start from the yin and protect the sun.

First of all, try to get up early and get up early. Staying up late in the winter, staying longer, can make the will be quiet, the human body's latent yang is not disturbed, this is the first thing to pay attention to in winter health care.

2, Secondly, pay great attention to the warmth of the back. The back is the sun in the middle of the sun, and the evil such as wind and cold can easily invade through the back of the human body, causing disease. Old people, children and infirm people should pay attention to the warmth of the back in winter to avoid yang damage.

3, then it is necessary to avoid the cold and warm. In winter, the climate is cold. People should pay attention to staying in the room in the temperature room and reduce the number of outings. If you want to go out, wear warm clothes and shoes and socks.

4, in addition to pay special attention to: in the winter bath, a little careless will cause colds and colds, and induce respiratory diseases. This should reduce the number of baths, and the warmth of the bathing process, children, the elderly and people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay attention.

Fourth, moderate tonic

1. In the general public's concept, the cold winter is a good time to supplement, and Chinese medicine is very particular about the regulation and nourishment of the human body. According to the corresponding theory of the heaven and the human, the theory of the corresponding time, the kidney is the kidney, the kidney is the dirty and the life is the life. Yuan, so the winter month is the best season for the four seasons tonic. It means that the weather and the human body correspond to the five internal organs in the four seasons. In the winter, the kidney should be conditioned. The kidney is the element of life. In this winter, it is important to nourish the kidneys, and the kidneys are strong and strong.

2, according to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine "virtual supplement, cold temperature", in the winter diet, the original saponin should eat more warm, hot, especially warming kidney and kidney food to ridicule, in order to improve the body's cold tolerance. In winter, “food supplement” should be rich in protein, vitamins and foods that are easy to digest. Optional food: brown beans, corn, wheat, black beans, peas and other kidney beans; ginger, leeks, garlic, radish, broccoli, fungus and other vegetables; lamb, beef, chicken, pork kidney and squid, squid, squid, octopus Meat such as shrimp; walnuts, longan, chestnuts, sesame and other fruits. Older people with weak constitution can often eat stewed hens, lean meat, tendons, and often drink milk, soy milk, etc., which can enhance the physical education network.

3, modern medicine believes that winter tonic can improve the body's immune function, promote metabolism, so that the phenomenon of chills is improved. Winter tonic can also regulate the metabolism of substances in the body, so that the energy of nutrient conversion can be stored in the body to the maximum extent, which will help the body to rise and develop the foundation for the health of the next year.

4. What I want to make in particular here is that winter tonics are best served by doctors to avoid misuse of inappropriate medicines, which may cause physical discomfort. For example, people with problems in the stomach and intestines must be careful to choose the appropriate diet, otherwise it will be too nourishing and spicy tonic, which may cause gastrointestinal damage. It is best to ask Chinese medicine practitioners to prepare prescriptions suitable for the individual's stomach and to cook different flavors of medicated diets. This will not only achieve the purpose of winter tonic, but also the spleen and stomach.

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