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Sanitaryware is not as expensive as it is better. According to a test released by China Consumers Association recently, some sample products labeled as imported products are not cost-effective, and a considerable part of the domestic brands of toilet products exceeds certain imported products at the overall level.

Found that high-priced sanitary ware may not be of high quality

The Consumers Association conducted a number of tests on 65 brands of water-saving toilets from the three aspects of toilet flushing of surface dirt and light and heavy solids. The results showed that some standards Samples called imported products are less cost-effective. A total of 9 sets of samples imported from abroad were tested, with higher prices, but the flushing performance was in the middle and lower levels; while the domestic brands of toilet products can be identical in terms of quality, appearance, technology and other performance indicators. Compared with imported products, a considerable part exceeds certain imported products at the overall level.

It is understood that a total of 65 samples of water-saving toilets were sampled in this comparative experiment, of which 9 were imported samples; 24 brands were involved, including the following brands: TOTO, Kohler, Lejia, American Standard, Vibo, Laufen, Hui Tat, Dongpeng, Eagle, US, Canada, and Advanced, the retail price of the market ranged from 780 yuan to 12,405 yuan. Among them, TOTO's three water-saving toilets ranked in the top three of this appraisal. It is reported that the sample taken this time has a split structure, but also a Siamese; washing methods are flush, ordinary siphon, spray siphon and other kinds. This experiment selected three items, ie, the scour flushing ability of the toilet on the surface and the ability to discharge light and heavy solids, and compared the flushing performance with the test results.

Key flushing ability is the water saving standard

The overall test situation is that the samples meet the requirements of the national standard for flushing water consumption, sewage transport capacity, odor isolation function, and sewage displacement performance. That is, 65 samples of this comparative test are all qualified products. However, there are significant differences between the samples in terms of flushing performance and sales price. According to experts, the surface dirt flushing ability reflects the flushing ability of toilets against liquid dirt, and the solids discharge capacity reflects the ability of the toilet to flush the solid dirt of different weights and sizes that may exist in practice. These two are the influences. The water saving toilet is an important reference for whether it is "saving water".

Previously, AQSIQ conducted a supervision and inspection on the quality of sanitary ware products. A total of 87 products from 86 companies in 8 provinces and municipalities including Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Hebei and Chongqing were selected. The product sampling pass rate was 66.7%. The existing product quality problems mainly include the problem of unqualified water seal indicators, poor flushing function, and irregular anti-siphonage.

Method selection of six principles of sanitary ware

The reporter learned from the interview that there are nearly 100 sanitary ware brands on the market and the quality of the products is uneven. So, for consumers, how to choose a product in the actual bathroom purchase? Wrigley Chairman Xie Yuerong said in an interview with reporters that it is recommended that consumers should follow the “six-seeing” principle when selecting sanitary ware manufacturers and products.

First look at strength. Enterprises should have advanced and complete sets of production equipment, professional design, management and service teams.

Next look at word of mouth. Good reputation is the most reliable consumer protection.

The third look at the material. Whether it is a washbasin, bathtub or toilet, good material is a basic guarantee. Nowadays, bathtubs are generally made of "acrylic" materials, which have reached a new height in terms of water absorption and color. If they cannot reach a certain high temperature, ceramic materials will not crystallize enough in the firing process, affecting the quality of ceramics.

Fourth, look at the price. The same material and processing quality under the bathroom brands have different prices, and the same price under different brands of quality are also different, at the same time, the marked price and actual charges are the same, etc. will be related to the immediate interests of consumers.

The fifth is to see work. First-line bathroom brand manufacturers in the product manufacturing process have developed a series of strict inspection measures to ensure product quality reliability and stability.

Sixth look design. Whether the colors are harmonious, coordinated with the home environment, and whether space utilization is reasonable, etc., all of these require extremely professional design levels to support.

Purchase material space toilet Lejia home

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