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Wind turbine special bearing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-01

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In the past ten years, wind power has become a new renewable power for renewable green; it has been highly valued by all countries; it has been greatly developed. The bearings for wind turbines mainly include: yaw bearing assembly (660PME047), fan blades Spindle bearings (24044CC), transmission bearings, generator bearings, etc.; bearing layout methods are mainly four-point contact ball bearings, insert roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, etc. The yaw bearing assembly and the blade spindle bearing are difficult to master; nowadays it relies on imports; it is one of the difficulties in the localization of the fan. The localization of the fan bearing can improve the level of portrayal of the domestic bearing industry; reduce the distance from the advanced level abroad; Promote the development of domestic bearing industry and the advancement of skills; other aspects; can reduce the cost of wind power; accelerate the development of new resources and renewable resources in China.
Wind turbines operate in the field all year round; conditions are relatively poor; temperature, humidity and bearing loads vary greatly; wind speeds up to 23 m/s; impact loads; thus requiring bearings with outstanding sealing and smoothing functions, impact resistance Longevity and high reliability; generators should be launched when 2-3 winds; and can follow the wind direction; so bearing layout requirements are uniquely depicted to ensure low conflict, high sensitivity; large yaw bearing demand outer ring belt Tooth; thus bearing depiction, data, production, smoothness and sealing are the focus of today:
Professors take you to buy furniture in Australia? Yaohua glass has been tested from clean glass? Solid wood composite flooring is popular in Huizhou? Most of the furniture has no manual to describe. Key analysis of fan bearing skills 1. 1 yaw bearing assembly (660PME047)
The yaw bearing assembly is a guarantee for the wind turbine to track the change of wind direction in time. When the fan starts to deflect, the yaw acceleration ε will have an impact torque M=Iε (I is the cabin inertia). The yaw speed Ω is higher; the acceleration ε is also higher. Large. Because I is very large; this makes the large impact of the original multiplied. Others; if the fan deflects during the movement; the yaw gear will accept a considerable gyro moment; simply form the fatigue failure of the yaw bearing .
According to the force characteristics of the fan bearing; the yaw bearing adopts the four-point contact ball bearing depicted by “zero clearance”; the channel is uniquely depicted and processed; it can accept large axial load and moment load. The yaw gear should be selected appropriately. Data, modulus, tooth surface summing and hardness; to ensure the match between the life and the automatic gear. Together; to adopt a targeted heat treatment; improve the tooth surface strength; make the bearing have excellent wear resistance and resistance Impact.
The fan is exposed in the field; therefore, there is a severe demand for the sealing function of the bearing; it is necessary to optimize the depiction of the sealing method of the bearing; to simulate the sealing function of the bearing; to ensure that the bearing life is the same as the life of the fan. Installed at an altitude of 40m; the cost of assembly and disassembly is expensive; therefore, it is necessary to have very high reliability; usually 20 years of life is required; plus the bearing layout is messy; therefore, computer simulation experiments are necessary before the installation experiment; Bearing drawing parameters are correct.
1.2 fan blade spindle bearing (24044CC)
The main shaft of the blade is supported by two spherical roller bearings. Because the main shaft of the blade receives a very large load; and the shaft is long; simple deformation; therefore; the bearing needs to have an excellent centering function.
Determine the internal layout parameters of the bearing and the layout of the cage; make the bearing have outstanding functions and longevity.
There are many kinds of bearings in the transmission gear of 1.3 transmission; the first is to make the gear oil in the gearbox smooth. The metal particles in the smooth oil are more than one; the bearing life is greatly shortened; therefore, the unique heat treatment process is needed; There are compressive stress; the degree of sensitivity of the falling raceway to the particulate impurities; the number of bearing life is improved. According to the working condition of the bearing; the bearing layout is re-optimized and depicted; the bearing processing method is improved; and the bearing index is further improved.
1. 4 generator bearing generator bearings use cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings. After the layout of these two bearings, the improvement of processing methods, the cleanliness of the production process and the associated components to reduce the bearing oscillation Noise; makes the bearing have outstanding low noise function.
1.5 bearing installed experimental skills After the study of the bearing device, the practical function is not only related to the function of the bearing itself; but also closely related to the detailed application conditions of the bearing; thus; the cooperation mode of the bearing device and the centering of the device Conduct research; make the bearing can get better working function in practice.
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