Why does the sound have current sound computer noise with noise how to do

When we use the audio system, we often encounter sound and current noises and audio noises. It can be said that there are noises and sound currents in the audio system that are common to every audio brand. Today, Xiao Bian talks about why the sound has current sound ? How to do with computer audio noise and audio noise maintenance methods. Look at how your computer sounds and home stereos make currents and noises.

Most newly purchased audio systems or computer audio systems that have just been purchased do not appear to have sound, sound, noise, and sound current. Most sounds have noises and sounds have current sound. Sounds are usually heard on a certain age. , If you do not understand the sound brand friends may also buy a poor quality sound, just after the use of sound will have noise and sound current sound. There are many reasons for the noise and noise of the sound and the current of the sound. There are several main reasons and maintenance methods mentioned by Xiaobian.

Many kinds of situations will form computer audio noise and sound current sound, such as speaker interference, poor contact with the interface or the wiring, poor sound quality and so on. In general, most computer sounds are active speakers, and there must be an amplifier inside. Therefore, noise cannot be prevented. The noise of active speakers can be roughly classified into electromagnetic interference, mechanical noise, and thermal noise.

How to deal with audio noise, electromagnetic interference can be divided into power transformer interference and spurious electromagnetic interference. In general, the power transformer interference is caused by the leakage of the power of the multimedia speaker. The effect of installing the shield on the transformer under the condition permitting is very obvious. The magnetic flux leakage can be blocked at the maximum level, and the shield can only use iron. Type information manufacturing. We should try our best to choose big brands and solid materials. In addition, the use of external transformers is also a good approach.

How to deal with audio noise, spurious electromagnetic interference should be more common causes of audio noise, speaker wires, crossovers, wireless devices or computer hosts will become the source of interference. Keep the main speakers as far away from the host computer as possible, and reduce the number of peripheral wireless devices.

How to do sound noise, mechanical noise is unique to active speakers. In the working process of the power transformer, the vibration of the iron core caused by the alternating magnetic field will produce a vibrating mechanical noise, which is similar to the buzzing sound produced by the fluorescent lamp ballast. Choosing good quality products is still the best way to prevent this noise. In addition, we can install a rubber shock absorber between the transformer and the fixed plate.

How to deal with audio noise, there should be noted that if the potentiometer is used for a long time, there will be poor contact between the metal brush and the diaphragm due to dust accumulation and wear, and noise will occur when rotating. If the speaker's screw is not tightened, the inverter tube is not handled properly, and dynamic noise is produced when playing large dynamic music.

How to deal with audio noise, and how to deal with this kind of thermal noise can change low-noise components or reduce the component's workload. In addition, reducing the operating temperature is also one of the most effective methods.

How to deal with audio noise, in addition, some computer speakers, when the volume is adjusted too loud, it will show noise. This condition is due to the fact that the power output of the amplifier may be too small to avoid the formation of large dynamic peak signals at the time of the musical instrument or due to distortion of the horn overload.

The reason why the computer sound has current sound and how to remove it Refer to:

1, the card is not correct, the sound card is not closely separated from the motherboard expansion slot, after the visually visible sound card "gold finger" and the expansion slot reed has a dislocation phenomenon. This phenomenon is common on ISA cards or PCI cards, and is a common problem. If you want to insert a sound card, you can handle the problem.

2. The input terminal of the active speaker is connected to the Speaker output of the sound card. The active speaker should be connected to the Line-Out terminal of the sound card. The output signal of the active speaker is not amplified by the sound card, and the noise is much smaller. Some sound cards only have one output, whether Line-Out or Speaker depends on the jumper resolution on the card. The default is often Speaker, so if necessary, you must remove the sound card to adjust the jumper.

3, the device's sound card driver version is not good, you may use the system's own driver, if so, it is best to install a special sound card driver.

There are many methods of repairing and processing audio noise and acoustic currents on the Internet. Xiao Bian mainly wrote some common causes and exclusion methods. But specific friends will encounter what kind of sound current and acoustic noise, you can imitate the method provided by Xiao Bian to investigate, if not, you can go to a professional audio forum. There should be a lot of up to people will publish some useful articles. , It will be helpful to maintain sound and noise and current sound.

Information on why the sound current sound is introduced for everyone, I hope this article helps everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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