What steps do you take to decorate your house?

House decoration is a big project, and each step requires special care, but for those who have no experience in the first contact with the decoration, even the decoration process is not clear and the rookie is in panic. The following Xiao Bian brings the steps of house renovation , I hope everyone can avoid detours, and can also save money, worry, and leave no regrets.

Steps to decorate the house

1, pre-design

This is the first thing to do, and it is also the key point in all processes. It affects the results of the later period. Therefore, a good pre-design is very important.

2, the main demolition reform

Simply put, this step is based on the design of the previous demolition of the wall, but it should be noted that before there is a need for a detailed measurement, the main demolition of the new frame is to build, you can see a rough model.

3, details of the transformation

Although there are no specific implementation items for this step, it is also critical. It is a preliminary plan for the fillers in the later stages, such as the details of the transformation of electrical and hydropower lines, tiling, wall painting, safety hoods and other electrical appliances. Work will be much easier.

4, hydropower reform

This includes water and electricity, which are also buried under the ground. Therefore, the quality of materials and construction is very important. Special reminder: At this stage, the first measurement of cabinets should also be conducted. Although there is no actual content, only some suggestions are made on the location of the outlets and hoods reserved by the developers. After the completion of the hydropower reform, waterproofing should be completed in time and the closed water test should be completed to save time for the subsequent construction period.

5, carpentry, bricklayers, oil workers

They are called "three brothers". There is no clear order for the first two. Some people say who is dirty is the first one, and the last one is the oil worker. There are also details, such as the installation of the door stone can be completed with the paving tiles, or after the paving tiles, and the installation of the marble window sill is generally done after the window covers are completed. In addition, the installation of the floor drain must be coordinated with the floor tiles. Therefore, the floor drain can be bought as early as possible. There is also the hood installed after the kitchen tiles are laid, and after the bricklayer leaves the site, the cabinet can be measured for the second time.

6, ceiling, cabinets, doors, floor, wallpaper, bathroom, lighting installation

Here is almost the installation part, any link is ring into the deduction, but also to ask professional workers to do in the first place. Kitchen ceiling - cabinet - door - floor - wallpaper - bathroom, in this order can be done without mistakes.

7, furniture, appliances approach

This is basically the final step of the project. After entering the stadium, it will be able to stay in the air for a period of time according to the actual situation.

Summary: The above is the procedure for decorating the house that Xiaobian brings to you today. I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding. We can refer to the procedures and details of the decoration of the house . As long as we follow the plan, we must do as little preparation as possible, so it is actually very simple to renovate the house.

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