What is the real environmentally friendly furniture, easy to choose three strokes

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Nowadays, the furniture market is confusing, and the merchants use the psychology of consumers to pursue green products to advertise the various green furniture labels, which makes consumers feel dazzled. At the moment when outdoor smog is frequent, how should we choose furniture to avoid indoor pollution? Let's take a look at the “three look” below to teach you to choose real green furniture.

Three strokes to easily choose environmentally friendly furniture

1, look at the environmental certification mark

Experts said that the current recognized environmental protection certification in the furniture industry, in addition to the internationally accepted ISO14000 environmental system certification, is the "10-ring certification" and "CQC quality environmental product certification." “10-ring certification” is advocated and issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. It is the highest-level and most authoritative environmental product certification in China. In government procurement projects, it can preferentially purchase products that have obtained the certification; “CQC Quality Environmental Product Certification” Can make a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental quality of the product. If the manufacturer shows other green product certification, everyone must pay more attention. It is recommended that when purchasing "green" furniture, the public must see if the product certification has a 10-ring mark.

What is truly environmentally friendly furniture?

What is truly environmentally friendly furniture?

What is the real environmentally friendly furniture, easy to choose three strokes

2, look at the plate

The environmental performance of furniture is mainly reflected in the board, and the formaldehyde content of the good board is particularly low. There are three main types of plates, E2 is in line with domestic standards, formaldehyde content is 10-30 mg / 100 g; E1 is in line with European standards, formaldehyde content is less than or equal to 9 mg / 100 g, E0 is the world's most environmentally friendly standard The formaldehyde content is less than or equal to 3 mg / 100 g. If you have to choose E1 or above if you have the conditions, the environmental performance is better.

3, look at the finish

The plate finishes used by good companies are more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and non-fading, and the inferior finishes are not wear-resistant enough. After 3-6 months, they will gradually fade and produce a yellowing effect.

Some furniture, such as cabinets, when you buy it, open the drawer and open the door. The smell is irritating, which indicates that the formaldehyde content of the furniture is seriously exceeded. This kind of furniture is very harmful to the human body. In order to prevent the situation from smelling after being burned for a period of time after purchase, after purchasing a good product, the consumer is best to sign a contract with the merchant. When the consumer signs a furniture purchase contract with the merchant, the liability clause for pollution should be increased. If it is found that indoor air pollution is caused, at least it must be returned unconditionally, and the serious consequences must be investigated. In addition, you can hire an expert or a friend to be a supervisor, and there are always a number of experts or experts in the company.

There is also furniture made of wood-based panels, if you do not do all the edge sealing, do not buy. Because the furniture parts made of wood-based panels are very strict on the edge sealing treatment, especially the furniture made of particleboard requires all edge sealing, which can limit the release of harmful substances in the artificial board, but many manufacturers currently save materials. Did not do all the edge sealing treatment, resulting in some furniture is very heavy formaldehyde.

In addition, if the conditions permit, the furniture to buy home, it is best to immediately test with a qualified testing agency. If there is a problem, take immediate measures to enhance ventilation, use a formaldehyde adsorber, install an air purifier, and so on. All test reports with the "CMA" chapter have theoretically have certain legal effects.

Three strokes to easily choose environmentally friendly furniture

Conclusion: Although we often know that the so-called "green" furniture is not as good as the guides, but if we don't understand it, we will still prefer those labels that have "green" labels. Furniture, even if these are several times higher than ordinary furniture, friends at this point still need to know more about the relevant knowledge.

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