What is the entrance decoration of the entrance

Whether it is the owner returning home or a guest visiting, the proper design of the entrance can create a kind of warm feeling. The entrance is the first place to enter the home. It is the “face” that embodies the aesthetic taste of the owner. In addition, the entrance has Buffered vision, separated space, storage and other multiple functions, so the entrance can not be ignored. What is the entrance ? What are the entrance decoration techniques? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

What is the entrance?

The concept of the word originally originated in China. In the old-style house, the "wall" of the entrance to the door is the predecessor of what we now call the entrance. At the same time, it is also the exterior door of the hall. It is a transition of the security door into the living room. In addition, because the Chinese like to be subtle, they do not want to see the inner room at first glance and increase the privacy of the owner. Generally speaking, the area of ​​the entrance is not large, it is about 2-3 square meters into the entrance, mainly played Coverage and cushioning.

It now refers to the outer door of the hall, which is an area of ​​the entrance to the living room. Specifically refers to a transitional space between the interior and exterior of a residence, that is, to enter the interior to change shoes, change clothes or go from the indoor to the outdoor buffer space, and some people call it a bucket room, a hall, and a foyer. Although the size of the entrance in the residence is not large, it is used at a high frequency and it is a necessary place for entering and leaving the house.

Second, the entrance decoration skills

1, light

Generally speaking, the block area will not be close to the window, so if you want to increase the light sensitivity of the interval through natural light, you must use a reasonable lighting design to express the bright and warm atmosphere of the entrance, such as the large Chandeliers or ceiling lamps are used as the main lights, and some auxiliary light sources, such as spotlights and wall lights, can also be used to embellish small-scale ground lamps that shoot upwards, which is more effective.

2, wall surface

For entrances that rely on walls, the color of the wall is often the first area touched by the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to use colorful colors to create a warm atmosphere. In general, the entrance wall should be neutral. The warm color is appropriate, so that people can quickly appreciate the warmth of home from the exhausting external environment and feel the home's tolerance.

3, furniture

As we all know, different utensils often bear the corresponding function. Therefore, when selecting objects in the region, they may be collected or displayed. However, due to the limitations of space, they should be placed in a manner that does not affect the master’s access. The entrance area is small, and low cabinets, shoe cabinets and other furniture can be used to expand the storage space.


In the layout, in addition to utility, decorative effects can not be ignored, it may be that some small objects can express extraordinary atmosphere for the entrance, in addition can also hang a mirror on the wall, not only allow the owner to dress before going out, at the same time There is also the effect of expanding the visual space.


5, the ground

As the area with the highest frequency of use in the home, the selection of materials for the entrance surface is crucial. It must be characterized by wear resistance and easy cleaning. In general, the laying materials include glass, wood floors, and stone materials.

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What is the entrance decoration entrance?

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