What factors must be considered in cabinet design

The company's on-site manufacturing is a matter of hesitation for many consumers, but practice shows that it is a good solution to make professional cabinet companies tailor-made. The cabinet designer personally went to the customer's home to measure the situation, made a design plan, and then used computer software to draw the style and function position of the whole cabinet of your kitchen. The owner can fully negotiate with the designer according to his own hobby to confirm the plan. It is more free to choose.

In the design of the cabinet, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

(1) The height of the console. The height of the console should be tailored to the height of the person and should be designed to the optimum height for ergonomics without affecting the work. The same is true for the wall cabinets, which are too high or too low to meet frequently, and are unreasonable designs. Drawer settings should never be *in the corner so as not to be easy to open.

(2) The kitchen should be neat and tidy, and all utensils, seasonings and other items must be arranged for each person, and the storage space should be reasonably designed. In the general cabinet (operating cabinet), the objects to be placed (such as pots, liquefied gas tanks, rice barrels, garbage bins, etc.) should be considered. The cabinet should consider more detailed storage space.

(3) The stove has an in-line type and a countertop type. For example, the table top type cooker should lower the counter top surface to facilitate the cooking operation; the in-line type should place the air intake hole on the floor cabinet.

(4) The materials of the cabinet should be set on fire, moisture proof and easy to clean.

(5) In combination with electrical specifications, the position of the switch or suspension should be properly installed. The switch socket should be installed reasonably. Pay attention to the space reserved for the electric appliance to facilitate heat dissipation. The position of the range hood should be as close as possible to the exhaust pipe, and should not be set in the window. Before (except for special reasons).

(6) Fully consider the spatial impact brought by various pipes. When designing the cabinet, do not change the position of the drain pipe and floor drain as much as possible, remove the wall, knock the hole, cut the ground, change the smokeless stove, and the kitchen wall The ground waterproofing has a great impact.

(7) The color should be bright and bright, so that people can enjoy a happy mood when working in the kitchen.

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