What are the characteristics of varnish?

There are many types of paints and coatings used in home improvement. One of them is varnish. What is varnish ? What are the characteristics of varnish ? The following Ou Yifeng Furniture Xiaobian will introduce to everyone what is varnish , to understand together to understand it.


What is varnish

There is also a name for the varnish called “Van Water”. Its main components are resin and solvent. Basically, it is a paint without color. The main components of the varnish are resin and solvent. The varnish is light yellow or transparent. The paint, its gloss is very bright, it is easy to shape. The use in daily life is also more extensive. It is mainly applied to the surface of the object to protect the object. When it is dry, it will not affect the original object color, but can play a good decorative effect on the object.

Classification of Varnish

Varnish is mainly divided into two categories: oil-based varnish and resin varnish. The former is called “Van Lishui” and the latter is called “bubble Lishui”. Some subdivisions commonly used in varnish mainly include ester varnish, shellac varnish, novolac, alkyd varnish, nitro lacquer, acrylic varnish, polyester ester varnish, high performance varnish, fluorocarbon varnish, etc. The performance is roughly similar.


Varnish features

1. The varnish generally contains a protective function to reduce ultraviolet radiation, as long as the varnish layer is intact, it can effectively delay the aging of the paint.

2. The varnish materials used in the original factory are mainly high-temperature-curing one-component paints: polyurethane or polyester. The commonly used varnish materials for repair paints are natural-curing two-component acrylics.

3. Clear varnish, high gloss, but prone to scratches. If you use a slightly stiff towel or chamois to clean your car after a car wash, you will notice hairline scratches.

4. Varnish is more susceptible to environmental pollution than ordinary paint.


How to use varnish

You will use a new, natural brush to apply the varnish. We only use new varnish when applying varnish. The varnish is used too many times. It will form a hard block on the varnish around the container and on the edges. These paint blocks can cause a lot of trouble. If you plan properly, you won't lose much of the varnish left after brushing your furniture. The remaining varnish can be used in concealed parts of the furniture or in locations where the topcoat is not important.

Before you paint bare wood, you must prepare them thoroughly and smooth them. You must clean up the top lot and lightly polish the wood to finish the coating. Immediately before applying the varnish, you can thoroughly clean each surface with a cloth.

Brushing horizontally is easier than brushing vertically. Before you start to paint, turn the furniture upside down so that the larger surface is flat. If your home has drawers, doors, shelves, and other removable parts, you can remove them or remove them and lay them flat on the floor for painting. Brush only one side of the furniture at a time, and then brush the largest surface.

When applying varnish to treated wood, you should paint it smoothly and evenly along the texture of the wood. Do not brush the edge of the varnish container with the brush; you can shake off the excess varnish in the container or let it flow down in the scraper. The varnish should naturally flow to the surface of the wood. If the brush starts to become astringent, or if you see that there is no paint or thin paint in some places, add about 28 grams of thinner to the varnish. After the brush, wait for the varnish to dry.

How is it right now to have a certain understanding of what is varnish? When you want to do something like furniture, you must apply a layer of varnish to better protect their use time. And the color will be more glossy, according to the above, do you learn how to brush varnish?

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