What are the advantages of studio decoration? Video studio decoration precautions

Nowadays, many people like to sing and want to leave a good voice, as well as some stars or performers, and some of our bosses want to decorate the studio well, then first understand what is the studio, studio What are the advantages of this? There are some major precautions when it comes to studio decoration . Let's take a look.


First, what are the advantages of studio decoration?

1. For example, once the sound source suddenly stops sounding, the sound will decay from the steady state in the room until it is attenuated to one millionth of the original sound energy. This time is called “reverberation time”, that is to say The time it takes for the sound to attenuate 60dB. In the design of the sound collection space, the appropriate reverberation time can make the music full, the language is full, full and full of appeal.

2, and need to deal with this method is mainly to effectively absorb the high, medium and low "impurities" frequency in the sound, to the dregs, leaving the essence. According to the characteristics of the studio space, as well as the good sensitivity of the existing equipment and the plasticity of the sound later.

3, can be classified according to some actual needs, for example, can be divided into natural reverberation recording studio and strong sound absorption (short reverberation) recording studio and active end a silent end (LEDE) according to the basic characteristics of the sound field The studio can also be divided into dialogue studios and music studios as well as audio studios including mixed recording studios, etc.


Second, the recording room decoration precautions are there

1. The studio decoration should be as close as possible to the outside sound. There is no window, etc. The door should be sealed with a sealing strip. The thickness of the door should also meet the requirements of no leakage. If the window is sealed with masonry. Ok, or add a detachable partition and then thicken the curtains.

2, in addition to the sound insulation of the studio, but also to sound absorption, to reduce the reverberation of the room, if it is ordinary wall, the easiest way is to hang the sound-absorbing curtain around, the ground can also be laid Retract the carpet at any time to adjust the reverberation of the room according to the needs of the recording, especially for the recording of our popular songs, usually do not need room reverberation, so the sound absorption can be larger.

3. If you want to do this studio decoration, you can lay wooden floors, a wooden wall skirt with a height of one meter around the wall, a gypsum board for sound absorption, and sound-absorbing mineral wool between the stone plate and the wall. The simple bottom wall decoration can be keel with a distance of 10-15CM on the brick wall, filled with sound-absorbing material (sponge, etc.), external plasterboard, gypsum board and mineral wool sound-absorbing board. If the requirements for sound insulation are higher, consider adding a layer of brick wall to the wall.

4, the control room is also very important This decoration is basically the same as the recording room, the control room must be clean and tidy, no smoking, the power socket is safe and tidy, there is a total control switch, if possible. The uninterruptible power supply can be configured according to the main equipment (special attention should be paid to the fact that the amplifier cannot be connected to the uninterruptible power supply, which may cause the power supply to be overloaded).

The above is all the content in the article Xiaobian to the friends about what is the studio, the studio decoration in what aspects can highlight its advantages, and what aspects of the studio decoration is a matter of attention, friends also want to understand More home improvement information, continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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