What are the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud floor diatom mud floor maintenance tips

Diatom mud is a new type of environmentally friendly material. It is usually used as a wall decoration material, and most people do not understand diatom mud floor. Following small diatom mud floor to collect some advantages and disadvantages as well as content related to maintenance diatom mud floor skills, give it a look!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud floor?

First, the advantages

1, material environmental protection

The diatom mud floor is made of diatom mud as a raw material, does not contain formaldehyde and does not contain other harmful substances. Diatom mud floor is a new type of ecological board on the market, which can meet the environmental protection households that people are looking for. Like diatom mud walls, they have the effect of absorbing formaldehyde.

2, high stability

If the floor is not stable, it will warp, crack and deform during use, which will affect the appearance. The diatom mud floor is stable under high temperature conditions, and it is not deformed or afraid of being blisters.

3, good thermal conductivity

Diatom mud floor also has good thermal conductivity characteristics, so when installing the floor heating, no keel, good thermal conductivity.

Second, the shortcomings

1, poor waterproof effect

Although this kind of floor has strong water absorption, the waterproof effect is not as good as that of other floors. Therefore, the diatom mud floor is not suitable for decoration in kitchens, bathrooms and other places. It is only suitable for use in bedrooms, children's rooms, and elderly houses.

2, to regularly clean up

The diatom mud floor uses diatomaceous earth as the base material. It has strong adsorptivity and can decompose dust in the air, so it needs frequent cleaning. If you do not clean it often, the floor will darken and lose its original luster.

Diatom mud floor maintenance tips

1, it is very important that the surface of the grainy surface is cleaned regularly.

Diatom mud surface uneven, in the long-term use, it is easy to accumulate dust, so usually diatom mud floor dust, you can use a dry cloth or tweezers gently wipe the surface, keep it dry.

2, footprints should pay attention to rubber sandpaper a good helper

If the diatom mud floor has footprints or handwriting, it can be wiped clean with an eraser. If the traces are deep, you can use a fine sandpaper to carefully rub the dirt marks on the surface.

3, colored liquids need to be carefully dealt with as soon as possible

If it is a colored liquid that is difficult to clean, such as coffee and juice, it must be handled in a timely manner. Use a rag to wipe off the remaining liquid on the floor as soon as possible. Then wipe the stain slowly with a cloth containing chlorine bleach. In serious cases, you may need to refill it with diatom mud.

Xiaobian Summary: diatom mud on the floor advantages and disadvantages as well as the contents of diatom mud floor maintenance techniques to introduce this, I hope you can collect them. Finally remind everyone that the price of diatom mud floor is more expensive. If you want to buy diatom mud floor, you must prepare funds in advance.

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