What about Manshin smart lock? What are the advantages?

Everyone knows that traditional locks fall into two categories. One is a mechanical lock and the other is an electronic lock. The Manshenyun smart lock combines three technologies: mechanical, electronic, and cloud computing. The front-end cloud lock and the back-end are two parts. Make up and apply the Internet of Things, the Internet, and the mobile Internet, turning the traditional isolated locks into connectors and human intelligence hardware.

Manshin smart lock three advantages

1. Military-level encryption technology

The door is an important barrier separating the outdoors from the home, and its security is naturally the basic needs of the user. However, satisfying the user's security needs is not just as simple as hardening the door or door lock. Often, the root cause of people’s lack of security is losing contact with a certain thing and controlling the state of affairs. Therefore, the intelligentization of the door lock must be based on basic security requirements, and the intelligent function must also serve the security. The function of the product is to keep the family and the user in constant contact and maintain control over the family environment.

Taking Manshen smart lock as an example, it uses military-grade encryption chips to protect both the mechanical and electronic devices. At the same time, it guarantees the security of door locks through the mobile phone APP. Not only can the 24-hour control of the use of the door lock be controlled, once someone opens the door, there will be a message pushed to the user's mobile phone, so that the user can always grasp the family's access.

And when the door lock encounters foreign objects and touches the lock cylinder or the door is opened illegally, it will trigger a 90-dB alarm bell and promptly notify the owner remotely so that it can take measures as soon as possible to achieve the purpose of scaring away and even assisting the police in seizing the criminals.


2. Humane, more intimate and trustworthy

With more than 10 years of lock manufacturing experience and 7 years of experience in smart home R&D and production, Manshin has combined years of accumulated experience in machinery, electronics, and cloud computing into a small door lock, successfully creating a Intelligent cloud lock with military-level safety factor and humanized smart care.

For example: intelligent human sensing, once someone close to the door lock 10 cm distance, its fingerprint screen will automatically light up, while the circular fingerprint head halo begins to breathe and blink, guiding the acquisition area;

Intimate low-power reminder, one month before the smart lock has no electricity, it will remind you that the power is too low, there is enough time to be prepared, even if the power is completely exhausted, there is also a USB interface can be charged to ensure emergency equipment Can be used normally; in and out voice prompts, and then forgotten to forget to pull out the keys, lock the door obsessive-compulsive disorder home travel essential.

3. Simple but not simple

The sophisticated and flexible round 360° semiconductor omni-directional fingerprint recognition is more accurate and faster. Saying goodbye to the old-fashioned optical fingerprinting, it also bids farewell to concerns such as fake fingerprint identification and encountering seasonal weather and other recognition failures. Simple touch screens, panels, handles and many other parts are made of Stainless Steel. Unlike plastics and zinc alloys, they are not only partially stainless steel, but also durable and pleasing to the eye.

The operation flow is simplified and simplified, eliminating the tedious setup process. It is very convenient to set a password or add a fingerprint.


As a 12-year-old domestic brand of locks, MENSHEN has been committed to creating a comfortable lock product for the people. In addition to the solid product development, Manshin is even more difficult to gain valuable control and after-sales service. With 12 years of sincerity and professionalism, Manshin has laid the foundation for the industry's outbreak and sustainable growth. The reputation of Manshen was established and a good reputation was established. It is believed that in the future, Manshen will create more possibilities for the industry.

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