Wear-resistant waterproof high temperature teach you to choose cabinet panel

On the market, there are several common types of cabinet panels, such as paint plates, mirror resin plates, blister plates, fireproof plates, and three hydrogen ammonia plates.

Test one: wear resistance

There are many housewives who like to wipe cabinets with rough surfaces such as scouring pads or steel balls.

What I really want to know is, will such wipes leave unsightly scratches on the panels of the cabinet? In other words, what about the wear resistance of these kinds of materials?

Test method: Scraping was performed on the five types of panels with the same strength using steel balls and their degree of wear was tested.

Test conclusion:

In terms of abrasion resistance, the wear resistance of the mirror resin plate and the baking paint plate is not good because they have a smooth surface, so scratches during use will leave marks on the panel.

Tri-hydrogen ammonia board blister board and fire board have good wear resistance.

Test two: waterproof performance

There is no need to wash and wash in this kitchen. It is often necessary to deal with the water. So the panel of different materials, they will not change after being stained with water? Enter our next test today.

Test Method: Immerse the five panels in water for 24 hours to see how they deform.

Life Intelligence Officer: Now that 24 hours have passed, let's take a look at what has changed in these cabinet panels.

Test conclusion: In waterproof performance:

The waterproof performance of the fireproof board is the worst, and the deformation is serious after the water immersed. This is because the fireproof board is formed by hot pressing.

Trihydromethane plates are generally water-repellent and have slight swelling after immersion in water.

Painted board, mirror resin board and hydrogen ammonia board have good water and moisture resistance.

Test three: high temperature performance

Some home cabinet designs are like this: The stove is closer to the wall cabinet, so in that case, when cooking, these hot gases will inevitably be smoked on the wall cabinet. Can this panel withstand it? Now let's test the panels of different materials. What about their high temperature resistance?

Test method: We used an electric iron heated to 100 degrees Celsius to simulate the effect of high temperature operation in the kitchen on the cabinet.

Test conclusion: In terms of high temperature performance, the surface of the blister board has the worst temperature resistance performance. Because its surface is a layer of PVC film, it will leave an imprint when it encounters high temperatures.

The high-temperature resistance properties of the lacquer board and the mirror resin board are general, because they are discolored when they are heated, but after a few minutes, the discoloration is greatly improved and the board is restored to its original state.

The polyhydrogen ammonia board and the fire board have the best high temperature resistance.

testing report:

Abrasion resistance Water resistance High temperature resistance

Painted board is generally good

Mirror resin plate is generally good

Tri-hydrogen ammonia plate is good and good

Good Bad Good Firewood

Good Good Poor plastic plate

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High-purchase consumers who have high color requirements can choose paint cabinets or mirror resin cabinets, but due to their resistance to scratching, they need to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance.

If you have high requirements for the shape of the cabinet panel, you can choose to blister board because of its three-dimensional shape is very rich.

Consumers who are pursuing simplicity and emphasizing quality and low cost can choose tri-hydrogen ammonia board to make your home cabinet.

If your home has a high kitchen usage, with particular emphasis on durability and willingness to sacrifice the aesthetics of some cabinets, then you can choose fireproofing boards.

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