Waste oil turned into waste and recovered in Baozhong

On October 30, 20 sanitation vehicles were refueled with biodiesel produced from waste oil at the Sinopec gas station in Fengxian District, Shanghai. This means that both the unit and the social vehicle can be filled with biodiesel here. This is the first time in the country that the bio-diesel from the kitchen waste oil and biodiesel has entered the terminal market for refined oil products (November 1 Xinhuanet).

Organs and enterprises are more prepared to deal with the waste oil in the kitchen waste, and the supervision is lacking, so that the producers of the waste oil can take advantage of it. Gutter oil continues to flow to dining tables and food processing companies, causing great harm to the environment and the health of the people. The biodiesel produced from the waste oil is the first to enter the gas station and will change this situation to some extent.

The first is to reduce the operating costs of the vehicle. The refined biodiesel has a lower price than ordinary diesel. The average price of diesel is 6.02 yuan/liter, while the B5 biodiesel is 9.5 fold, and the price is 5.72/liter. Although it is only 3 cents cheaper per liter, if these biodiesel is used in ordinary vehicles for a long time, it will save the owner a lot of money in the next year.

The second is to let the kitchen waste oil have a market export. It turned out that some canteen staff secretly sold those kitchen waste oil to some waste oil producers for personal benefit. Now, if these kitchen waste oils are recycled by enterprises specializing in the production of biodiesel, not only will the canteens obtain certain economic benefits, but also these kitchen waste oils will no longer be processed into trench oil, and will not be returned to the people. dining table.

In addition, the environment can be improved. After the waste oil is recovered by the biodiesel production enterprise, these kitchen waste oils can be cleaned up in time, no longer being chaotic, and flow into sewers or rivers to reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, vehicles that drink biodiesel refined from waste oil can reduce emissions. According to the data measured by the relevant departments, the use of biodiesel, heavy metal and fine particulate matter and other pollutants emissions are reduced by more than 10% compared with ordinary diesel, and the nitrogen oxide purification efficiency is over 80%.

In short, it is a good thing to refine the waste oil into biodiesel. However, in order to turn the kitchen waste oil into waste for a long time, the key is to establish a waste oil recovery mechanism. It is necessary to clarify the fixed-point recycling methods for the waste oil of the kitchens and enterprises, and carry out a strict registration management system. After the weighing registration, the kitchen waste oil of the organs and enterprise can be transported to the special vehicles of the biodiesel manufacturing enterprise for transportation. After being transported to the refinery, the relevant personnel will sign the receipt and return one of them to the remittance. The canteen of an institution or enterprise. The organs and enterprises that sell kitchen waste oil should check with the biodiesel production plant on a regular basis, and clarify that the responsible person in charge of the organs and enterprise canteens is the first responsible person for the treatment of kitchen waste oil.

To fundamentally solve the problem of the disposal of kitchen waste oil from institutions and enterprises, we must first improve the enthusiasm of relevant entities, and through policies to ensure that catering enterprises are willing to change from past payment disposal to "selling oil" to make money, and at the same time, to biodiesel production enterprises. Give appropriate subsidies to make them profitable. Second, the relevant departments should strengthen supervision and find out the situation in a timely manner. For example, if there is a large amount of waste oil in a company cafeteria in a year, if there is a sudden large gap in a certain month, it should be verified in time, and it is found that someone privately sells the kitchen waste oil to some individuals who illegally produce waste oil. Severe punishment must be imposed. In addition, the relevant departments should introduce regulations to allow biodiesel refined from the waste oil to enter the gas stations in various places and open to social vehicles, and get public approval as soon as possible. Only with clear responsibility, can the system be established, and the illegal production of waste oil can be completely banned.

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