Wardrobe purchase overview

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The overall wardrobe production process is more excellent. Under normal circumstances, the three sides of the wardrobe are sealed, and a side will be left to allow customers to view the quality of the substrate of the wardrobe. When looking at the quality of the substrate, we can use the nail to scrape it and see if the substrate can scrape the powder. If the powder can be scraped, the quality of the substrate is not good, no matter how much the price. The cheap, such a whole wardrobe can not be purchased, because even if it is just glamorous, it will not be used for a long time, in the case of a slightly humid environment, there will be serious deformation and even the possibility of breakage.

Therefore, when we choose, we should choose the whole wardrobe that can not scrape the powder. This is only the first step. The next step is to smell it with the nose to see if these substrates have a pungent taste. If the taste is heavy, then The wardrobe itself may have a phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde, which will cause great harm to the human body. We can't buy such a wardrobe.

After that, check the veneer of the whole wardrobe. You may want to touch it by hand to see if his canvas is flat. The texture of the veneer is neat and clear. The gloss of the surface of the panel with good quality is also good. It will be correspondingly higher, and the grain of the panel is very clear. We will feel very smooth and feel good when touched by hand. At the same time, regular manufacturers will also mark the anti-counterfeiting mark on the whole wardrobe, which is also convenient for us to detect.

Under normal circumstances, the material of the veneer of the whole wardrobe is mostly made of a melamine sticker. The sticker is more stable and has anti-moisture, acid and alkali resistance, and is not prone to deformation. At the same time, this sticker When the panel is made, the post-painting work is also omitted, which reduces the possibility of surface cracking of the panel. Therefore, we should choose a more environmentally friendly melamine plate for the substrate, which may reduce some harmful gases. To affect the health of our body.

Look at the overall wardrobe is good, but also look at his edge. If the plate produced by the regular manufacturer uses a better edge banding machine, the quality of the edge banding is higher. Under the rough view, the interface between the two plates will not be seen, and the whole plate between them will be And the intensity is also bigger, not easy to separate.

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