Urea continues to decline slowly

On Monday, domestic urea continued to slowly decline, northern urea continued its downward trend last week, and southern urea operation was relatively weak. Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, small particles of urea manufacturers mainstream offer 2000-2030 yuan / ton, more market rumors part of the low-end transactions have fallen below 2,000 yuan / ton, the main manufacturers for export last week, mainly in Hong Kong, dealers rarely take Willingness to sell. Suyu area of ​​small particles of urea mainstream offer 2080-2200 yuan / ton, the mainstream offer in Henan 2040-2120 yuan / ton, affected by the decline in domestic urea market, manufacturers are still willing to lower, the current local fertilizer light, shipping in general. The urea market in Guangdong and Guangxi continued to fall, and the factory has dropped to 2280-2310 yuan / ton, the mainstream market wholesale price 2230-2260 yuan / ton, the transaction is only part of the border trade take the goods and local industrial sporadic transactions, dealers choose to withdraw from the market Wait and see. In the southwest region, the market price is stable, and the current mainstream price is between 2180-2300 yuan/ton. Under the background of the overall domestic decline, the new transaction has slowed down obviously. Although the manufacturers have been able to support early-quotations, due to increasing sales pressure, the rational decline is still the trend. . In summary, except for stable price quotation in the southwest region, there is no market in northwest northeast, and the rest of the regions have begun to decline rationally. Although the East China and North China manufacturers successively received export orders, due to the end of the export window, the time of settling the port was relatively tight, and it was difficult to form a strong support. Coupled with the end of the domestic agricultural industry, the demand for industrial sporadic purchases was very light; the dealers were also the majority. Delisting wait and see waiting for the right time to appear, so Zhongyu information analysis believes that the urea market is still dark clouds in the short term, with the end of the end of the export, the lack of downstream access, so the slowly falling trend of urea market is difficult to significantly improve.

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