UK: Farmers hire singers “sing to cows” to increase milk production

Recently, on a farm in Lancashire, England, a tenor in Italy sang for a herd of cows. According to reports, this is a farm belonging to an Italian ice cream manufacturer. According to the regulations of the ice cream factory, all dairy cows in the ranch that produce milk for ice cream should listen to the opera in order to improve the milk production quality of the cows. For this reason, the ranch hired singers from Italy to "sing" for these cows.

UK: Singers hired to "sing to cows"

The owner of a British cattle farm hired an Italian opera singer to sing her own cows. I hope this will allow cows to produce more milk and produce better milk.

According to a report from the German news agency on the 14th, Bobby Gill, who owns a cattle farm in Lancashire, North England, said that he hopes the song can help improve the taste of ice cream made with the milk here. He asked the singer Marcello Bedoni to perform a famous opera selection on some cows, and then used a tasting method to test whether the quality of milk changed.

Jill said: "The song makes everything seem calm, but also helps enjoy life." And Bedoni also like to sing for these cows, he said: "They are good listeners."

A study conducted by Newcastle University in the United Kingdom last year showed that the more happy cows are, the more milk they produce, and that if someone calls their respective names, the effect will be better.