Toshiba develops new technology to reduce electromagnetic waves when charging electric buses

Toshiba develops new technology to reduce electromagnetic waves when charging electric buses

Power board installed on the bottom of the vehicle.

By the reverse power supply of the two systems, the emitted electromagnetic waves are reduced.

Power board position optimization.

Toshiba announced in September 2016 that it has developed a technology that can reduce unwanted electromagnetic waves that can interfere with other wireless communications in the rapid wireless charging system of electric-only (EV) buses. The company's electric-only buses are currently undergoing highway tests. This technology has solved a problem that hinders the practical application of electric buses.

The fast wireless charging system developed by Toshiba uses 85 kHz frequency band for 44 kW power transmission. The Japan Radio Law stipulates that when using a high-frequency band of 10 kHz or higher, a high frequency band must be used to permit the use of equipment. The intensity of the electromagnetic wave radiated by the equipment must be lower than the allowable value, and radio broadcasting, television, and other wireless communications must not be hindered. But before that, when Toshiba's fast wireless charging system delivered 44kW, the electromagnetic wave intensity emitted was 10 times higher than the allowable value.

The new technology developed by Toshiba divides the supply/receiving boards of the 44kW fast wireless charging system into two 22kW systems. By making the two systems supply power in reverse phase, the radiated electromagnetic waves can cancel each other, thereby reducing unwanted electromagnetic waves. When the two systems are divided into two systems, if interference coupling occurs between the plates, the intensity and phase of the emitted electromagnetic waves will be misaligned, resulting in reduced electromagnetic wave cancellation. For this reason, R&D personnel have calculated the electrical plates through the electromagnetic field simulator. The appropriate relative angle of use reduces the unwanted coupling to zero. In this way, the intensity of electromagnetic waves at a distance of 10 m is reduced to one-tenth of the original, and in the case of maintaining a power supply of 44 kW, it also meets the requirements as a device for use of a high-frequency band. (Reporter: Mori Mori)

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