Three characteristics and causes of sliding bearing damage

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Three characteristics and causes of sliding bearing damage

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-09-29

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The characteristics of the sliding bearing damage include: mechanical damage, fatigue pitting, bearing cavitation. No one is perfect; the bearing is the same; some are awkward; this is normal; there is no perfect person; just seek a perfect person; Let's talk about the damage characteristics of sliding bearings.
1. Mechanical damage of sliding bearings Mechanical damage means that the alloy surface of the bearing bush exhibits a different degree of groove marks; in severe cases, metal peeling occurs on the touch surface and a large area of ​​messy scratches is present, usually; touch surface damage and ablation appearance exist together .
The reason for the composition is that it is difficult for the bearing surface to form an oil film or the oil film is severely damaged.
2. Sliding bearing wear and pitting When using bearings, care should be taken to prevent the bearing from overloading. Do not operate at too low or too high speed. When idling, adjust the engine to a stable condition to ensure normal bearing clearance; prevent engine speed from being too high or too low. View and adjust the operation of the cooling system; ensure that the operating temperature of the engine is suitable.
The reason for the formation: because the engine is overloaded; the bearing operation is overheated and the bearing clearance is too large; the middle part of the bearing is fatigued, the fatigue is pitting and may be exhausted. This damage is mostly due to overload and excessive bearing clearance; Clean, lining mixed with foreign objects.
3. The bearing cavitation sliding bearing has the repeated effect of the cylinder pressure impact load; the outer surface layer is plastically deformed and cold hardened; part of the loss is deformed; the grain is gradually formed and enlarged; then the falling of the grinding debris is followed; Forming a hole. Usually when the bearing bush is cavitation; it is first to present a pit; then the pit gradually enlarges and causes cracking at the interface of the alloy layer; the crack expands along the parallel direction of the interface; until the shedding stops.
The reason for the formation: because the cross-section of the oil-slot and oil hole and other layout elements have been changed to cause a fierce imbalance of the oil flow; the bubble is formed in the vacuum zone where the oil is lost; then the pressure is increased; the bubble collapses and the cavitation occurs. In the high load zone of the bearing; such as the lower bearing of the main bearing of the crankshaft.
Know the characteristics of bearing damage; how to prevent it is our most demanding; as long as the focus is on the work; the ability to ensure the bearing performance and life.

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