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Many things in life have rules to follow. As long as we are good at discovering and knowing how to use it, we will find a shortcut inadvertently after a period of time. Whether it is a well-known old company in China or abroad, we will find that after decades or hundreds of years of wind and rain, we can still occupy an unshakable position in the industry, all from the quality of the single, the high requirements for product excellence. high standard. Like Baiheyuan, which stands out among the thousands of fungicide manufacturers, the reason why it can gain the trust of the vegetable farmers in the cultivation of peppers is mainly due to the fact that its vegetable fungicide products are on gray mold and leaf blight. Good results.

Pepper is the first dish in the vitamin C content of vegetables. It can be used as a main ingredient to cook a variety of dishes, and it also has a variety of functions such as color matching and taste enhancement. During the planting process, vegetable farmers often encounter pepper diseases such as gray mold and leaf blight. In order to inhibit the disease of leaf blight, we can use the pollution-free mold. In the control of gray mold, products such as pyrimethanil and oxazolol can also be used. Of course, for the diseases on other peppers, we can also use the good amino oligosaccharides that can inhibit the fungus, bacteria and other diseases for drug control.

When we carry out the prevention and prevention of pepper disease, we should need to control the spraying period of the drug. Under normal circumstances, we will carry out targeted prevention in the three key periods of seedling stage, early flowering stage and fruit expansion period. In order to shorten the disease control time of gray mold, in order to maximize the effect, we can first carry out the shed treatment in the diseased vegetable shed, and then spray the bactericide.

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Small Stone Series

Polyurethane /pu foam Sandwich Panel(exterior/interior wall panel) can be used on any structural buildings ,brick wall, Steel structure, cement wall,wood wall etc for decoration and insulation. 

The sandwich panel is lightweight, and its characteristics of high level of compressive property, good shock resistance, strong integrity after anchoring, which makes it possible to eliminate the earthquake damage to buildings. Flame retardant and fire resistant ,Waterproof, Damp-proof and Anti-leaking. Sound insulation and Noise reduction 
The Core material Hard PU foam inside is independent and consists of a closed bubble structure that is perfectly even, so it has good sound effect and provides you with a quiet and comfortable environment even in noisy areas. Easy and quick installation.Strong Decorative effects and Eco-friendly.  

Small Stone Series

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