The Yangtze River Delta region is China's packaging industry concentration area

  According to the data released by the first International Packaging Information Conference, 28 of the 163 leading packaging enterprises in China are in Zhejiang Province, ranking first in all provinces in China, and 6 national packaging industries currently being built in China. There are 4 bases in Zhejiang Province, and three of the four in Zhejiang Province are based in Hangzhou. Zhejiang can be said to be a veritable Chinese packaging province.
In China, the packaging machine industry has become a trend of rapid development and product diversity . This feature is particularly evident in Zhejiang. In this economic structure, manufacturing accounts for 90%. The packaging industry, which has a close relationship with the manufacturing industry, has grown rapidly with the development of Zhejiang's overall economic level. The packaging industry in Zhejiang is now far above the national average. The output value of the packaging industry is estimated at 50 billion yuan, accounting for 16% of the total output value of the national packaging industry. Both the output value and the profits and taxes created are the highest in the provinces.  
Shanghai's packaging industry has steadily entered a new stage of development with the development of the economy. The main characteristics of the Shanghai packaging industry are: technological innovation has injected growth momentum into the packaging industry , so Shanghai has always occupied high-end products in the packaging industry, regardless of production and In terms of sales growth rate, it is still analyzed from the overall technology and quality level. Shanghai's packaging industry has formed a considerable scale, and the overall system system is gradually forming, related packaging machinery, packaging materials, packaging design and The packaging and printing industry has also benefited from the overall development of the packaging industry, and Shanghai's unique geographical advantages have already brought economic advantages, which has also led to the export of packaging products.
Out of the Shanghai and Zhejiang mentioned above, Jiangsu's packaging industry has also achieved initial development. A certain scale has been formed. As of 2010, there are as many as 2,000 types of packaging enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Moreover, Jiangsu's packaging industry is characterized by a complete range of products and plays an important role in the packaging industry across the country. Taking Jiangyin as an example, the total output value of the packaging industry in 2010 was 7.136 billion yuan, which has become one of the pillar industries of Jiangyin.

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