The world's first long-lived organic light-emitting material

Since ancient times, the "Night Pearl of the Night" has been considered as a rare treasure, and its long afterglow phenomenon of long-lasting luminescence due to the presence of special inorganic mineral elements has also been a passion for generations.

Academician Huang Wei of Nanjing University of Technology led the scientific research team to successfully observe the phenomenon of long afterglow in organic synthetic materials and developed a pure organic "night pearl." On April 6, related results were published in the top international academic journal Natural Materials.

“The singlet and triplet excited states of organic optoelectronic materials are highly active and their lifetimes are usually in the order of nanoseconds and milliseconds, respectively, at room temperature. The short time of light emission can only be measured by precision instruments. The human eye cannot distinguish between them. Academician Huang Wei said, "We have designed and prepared several series of room-temperature single-component organic long-life phosphorescent materials with an extended lifetime of up to seconds. We have also created a new data encryption method. The cryptographic effect can be directly observed with the naked eye."

According to reports, the team's control over the excited-state lifetime of pure organic materials does not require the use of any precious metals and other heavy elements. It has been discovered through studies on the molecular design and light-emitting mechanism of related materials that the introduction of special molecular packing methods has enabled the realization of long-lasting organic persistence. Luminescence has an important role; based on this, the team successfully achieved a long-lasting organic long-lasting glow color ranging from green to red and adjustable, and extended the duration of light emission to 56 seconds, thus developing the world's first room temperature organic long afterglow Luminescent material.

“Organic long-lived luminescent materials are a new class of materials with unique luminescence mechanisms that combine the flexibility of organic materials with the long-life luminescence of afterglow materials, and in optoelectronics such as disease diagnosis, biological cell imaging and currency security. All have important significance," said team member Professor Chen Runfeng. (Reporter Zhang Jinfeng Zhang Jinfeng)

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