The Summit of Chinese and Foreign Furniture Industry Leaders Opens to Explore the Way of Development

On March 15, 2011, leaders from various associations, representatives of domestic well-known furniture malls, famous dealers, designers, heads of furniture manufacturing enterprises, international famous furniture brands, international big buyers, international furniture media alliance representatives, domestic mainstream Media and domestic industry media representatives will gather in Houjie, Dongguan to participate in the "Chinese and Foreign Furniture Industry Leaders Summit" hosted by the 25th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition Organizing Committee.

It is reported that Magnussen Home President Richard Magnussen, Wan Hengtong Furniture Chairman Wang Jianwen, Meihua Meilun Chairman Zhang Yifeng, Taisheng Group Chairman Guo Shanhui, Dexin Furniture Liang Zhicheng, Yunshitong Group Chairman Chen Yanmu, and City Window Chairman Wang Dongsheng, American ASHLEY International Operations President Chuck Spang, Shengjia Home Chairman Zeng Zhenyu, Red Star Macalline Group Vice Chairman Che Jianfang and others will participate in this summit forum.

The global furniture industry, together with the world economy, has undergone a restructuring of its structure after the 2008 global financial crisis.

The coordinates in the global economic system are quietly changing. The BRIC countries (China, India, Brazil, Russia) and the basic four countries (China, India, Brazil, South Africa) are becoming the focus of economic topics. At the same time, in the process of recovery, the European and American markets are still suffering. The prospects have become clearer: China has surpassed Japan and has become the world's second largest economy. The future of China will no longer be just a "world factory", but also the most potential "world market".

The picture of the global economic geography is undergoing unprecedented changes. The automobile market is an important reference basis for measuring the consumption level of a country. Last year, China surpassed the United States and became the world's largest automobile market, ten years ahead of people's expectations.

The reshaping of the pattern of the international furniture industry is happening: on the one hand, a group of internationally renowned furniture brands have begun to enter the domestic market collectively and on a large scale, bringing a new wave of pressure to the already fierce domestic market. At the same time, It also brings new choices to Chinese consumers; on the other hand, although facing many obstacles in overseas markets, some pioneers of furniture companies have bypassed the traditional path of pure OEM and OEM production, gradually Beginning to test the internationalization of water brands, Chinese furniture brands have taken a precious step to rush abroad. Even the leaders of very few furniture companies, although rooted in Asia, have gradually realized the internationalization and globalization of the brand.

One entry, one exit, industry convergence, market integration, Vientiane update. However, in this process of convergence and integration, it is inevitable to experience various challenges and tribulations. So, in this era of restructuring of the furniture industry, what is the path to re-establish the future of the industry, and how to innovate? How to avoid all kinds of abnormal interference with the market, create a good market environment and competitive atmosphere, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation between international business opponents? How should China's furniture industry expand the international market and achieve a win-win situation with overseas professional buyers and consumers? Where are the paths and models? How can foreign furniture brands enter the rapidly developing Chinese furniture market? While participating in competition in the Chinese furniture market, what countermeasures are there to avoid repeating the same mistakes? At the same time, how will local furniture brands respond?

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