The role of floor wax and use of what kind of floor wax is suitable for their own floor

Most families choose to install wooden floors, and floor waxes are naturally used. Then, what is floor wax, what kind of floor waxes are there, and what is the role of floor waxes ? Many new house tenants are looking forward to their new homes, but they find that the new floor is already scarred. At the same time, some households also found that the surface of the wood floor was a bit turbid after a period of use. When moving into a new home, it is recommended to wax the floor first to “insure” the floor. Waxing is a routine maintenance method, but there are a variety of floor waxes on the market, and many consumers do not know what kind of floor wax is suitable for their own floor. Don't worry, here's my follow-up knowledge of floor waxes.

What is floor wax

Floor wax, the main ingredient of silicone oil. Commonly used for floors such as solid wood flooring, marble, tiles and paint. Floor wax can remove the deep dirt on the floor and achieve efficient decontamination. Wax on wood floor or cement board is beautiful and easy to clean, and it can protect the floor and make it durable. Due to the gentrification of living conditions, the current supply of floor wax is in short supply, the market is good, and production can be vigorously produced.

The main components: silicone oil, special anti-slip agent, antistatic agent, natural plant wax

Scope of application: solid wood flooring, composite flooring, marble, ceramic tile, hard plastic, paint and other surfaces.

The role of floor wax

<Clean> The newly installed floor is protected as early as possible to form a protective film to prevent dirt from coming into contact with the floor and into the interior of the paint. This will make it difficult to clean in the future;

<Nourishing> By waxing, keep the moisture in the floor from leaking or swelling, so as to keep the floor from being deformed;

<Protection> The surface layer maintains proper grease, and direct sunlight does not change color;

<Gloss> Improve the brightness of the floor and maintain the flexibility of the floor. The effect is better than once.

What is the floor wax price?

According to the actual situation of your own home, a product is not suitable for all types of floors, such as:

A, home solid wood flooring, natural wax should be selected, not much harm to the solid wood floor. The price of natural wax is expensive, generally around 100-150 yuan;

B, composite floor, the use of synthetic resin floor wax, the price cheaper than natural wax, in the 40-80 yuan;

C. Some public places need to be kept clean, and people will be sent to wipe it. Choose hand-spray bottles or large-area floor waxes, which are cheap and cost around RMB 20-40.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

How to use floor wax

1, pressure tank type, also known as rub-free high-gloss wax.

Do not dilute, spray directly on the floor or spray on a dry towel, wipe clean. Features: fast, uniform spraying, obvious effect. Due to the huge amount, it is not suitable for floor.

2, hand spray bottle wax, also called water wax.

Do not dilute, spray the floor directly, wait until it is dry, and then polish it. Features: fast, bright, with a smooth surface after the floor. Due to the large amount and not enough safety, it is suitable for daily cleaning.

3, canned solid wax, also known as traditional floor wax.

Instead of diluting, apply the sponge to the floor, wait until it is dry, and then use a towel to polish it. Features: The formation of a wax film, the floor has a protective function, the surface of the floor with a sticky slide. Due to the need for polishing, it is only suitable for floors that are rarely stepped on, pursuing traditional floor effects. Not suitable for new floors.

4, bottled liquid wax, also known as milk wax.

Instead of diluting, apply the sponge to the floor and let it dry before using a towel. Features: Easy to polish, forming a wax film, has a protective function on the floor, the effect is obvious. Most families choose the product. The reuse period is 30 days.

5, high-grade wood wax.

Without dilution, it was transparent at 36°C and translucent at body temperature. Sprinkle it on the floor with a sponge and wait until it is dry. Then use a towel to polish it. The amount of use can be saved. Each bottle can use 100 square meters, and the re-use cycle is 180 days. It is an economical and practical family product.

Editor's summary: The above is the role of floor wax and the use of methods What kind of floor wax is suitable for the relevant knowledge of their own floor, hoping to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to us Website, follow-up will present more exciting content!

Floor wax

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