The rise in the price of air-conditioning stores said that domestic brands have raised prices by about 10%

● Consumers say that the price of air conditioners has soared. The stores have responded to domestic brands that have risen about 10% on average

● Air-conditioner's value was sustained by air raid governor or may continue to be bullish

Amidst the skyrocketing sound, the price of the "quiet" curve of the lonely air-conditioning price could not be suppressed, and some consumers were inevitably uncomfortable with this sudden "air raid". They even complained to this newspaper that the price of the air-conditioning suddenly rose by about a thousand yuan. The issue of "price increase" that manufacturers have avoided talking about has finally settled, but will it continue to be bullish in the future, and what kind of trend will air conditioning consumption show? The reporter learned from relevant chain stores yesterday (May 12) that domestic brands have risen by about 10% before air-conditioning, and fixed-frequency air conditioners may continue to be bullish due to many factors. At the same time, fixed-frequency air conditioners have been favored by consumers. Gradually showing the king's momentum. At the same time, the major chains had to ramp up the city's hot sales storm, continue to continue the preferential efforts during the "May Day", in order to take advantage of the situation to "save the field."


Consumers: Air-conditioning prices have suddenly risen by about a thousand yuan?

Every time the peak season of consumption, the price of air conditioners frequently affects the sensitive nerves of consumers. Whether it is bullish or falling is quite a bit confusing. However, compared with the traditional off-season after the Spring Festival, some consumers have clearly felt that "the atmosphere is not right" after the May Day Golden Week.

A few days ago, the consumer, Miss Wei, called the newspaper and complained that she went to a chain store last weekend to buy three air conditioners, but found that the price of air conditioners this year was much more expensive than before the "Eleventh" holiday last year. "At that time, the whole house air conditioner was only seven or eight thousand yuan, but now it is tens of thousands of yuan. The same type of air conditioner was only more than 2,000 yuan when it was engaged in activities last year, but now it is about 1,000 yuan higher."

Reporters randomly interviewed consumers who purchased machines on the spot and found that nearly 60% to 70% of the staff expressed that they felt that the price of air conditioners "had risen a lot".


Chain stores: domestic brands have risen by 10%

In fact, regarding the price trend of air conditioners, the nationwide home appliance chain issued a white paper on air conditioners as early as this year, but the views are completely different. Suning believes that due to the rapid increase in raw material prices and labor costs in the new year, the support for the Huimin project will be weakened. In addition, the management and punishment of home appliances to the countryside and trade-in will be significantly strengthened. The air-conditioning industry under multiple pressures " The price increase is the general trend, but the market performance in fixed frequency air conditioners and inverter air conditioners is not the same. Gome said that the price of air conditioners is unlikely to increase, and manufacturers are not afraid to easily leverage price levers.

Although several major home appliance chains have previously stated that they will stabilize air-conditioning prices by means of large-scale centralized procurement and special machine sales, they currently do not seem to have effectively prevented the price of air-conditioning from rising. In an interview with a reporter, a person in charge of a related department of a home appliance chain frankly revealed that all air-conditioning products have adjusted their prices before May 1 this year, especially for some domestic air-conditioning, the average price increase has exceeded 10%. Although the rest of the chains did not make a clear response, their related sales staff also confirmed to reporters that "the price of air conditioners has indeed increased."

Consumer trends

Fixed frequency air conditioner gradually showing the king's momentum

What is the proportion of fixed frequency air conditioners and inverter air conditioners in Dongguan?

According to Dongguan Gome, in terms of May 1st air conditioner consumption, the sales volume of inverter air conditioners has increased significantly compared with previous years, accounting for 60% of the total air conditioner sales volume, and has gradually replaced fixed frequency air conditioners. , And the inverter air conditioner is around 3000 yuan.

Sales data from fashion appliances show that the current sales ratio of inverter air conditioners and fixed frequency air conditioners is 6: 4. Fixed frequency single cooling air conditioners are more stable in the Guan market, while air conditioners with a price of around 2,000 yuan are particularly popular among consumers.

Lin Lu from the Planning Department of Suning in Dongguan said that from the current market situation, the proportion of inverter models has exceeded 60%. Brands, the proportion of inverters in the second half of the year is expected to increase from about 20% to more than 40%, and the overall proportion of inverter models is expected to exceed 75% by then, thus showing the due momentum.


Store madly set off a hot storm in the city

The price of air conditioners was suddenly hit by air strikes, and all major home appliance chains had to set off a hot storm in the city, continue to continue the preferential efforts during the "May Day", in order to "save the field".

Fashion appliances

It is reported that local home appliance chain fashion appliances will officially start air conditioning from this week, and will combine multiple brands to allow consumers to enjoy May Day discounts. During this period, they purchase Zhigo air conditioners to send practical gifts such as electric pressure cookers, rice cookers and multi-function pots. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner plus a variety of cool small household appliances such as electric hair dryer, floor fan or desk fan, and a special model air conditioner of the pageant will be shipped with a beautiful dehumidifier of 2399 yuan.

The reporter learned from Dongguan Gome that before the air-conditioning subsidy is cancelled, the chain will work with Midea, Gree, Haier, Chigo, Hisense, Cologne, and air-conditioning brands such as Oaks, Daikin, Electrolux, etc. to focus on opening special offers in each of its stores. Through direct sales, cashback, and gift-giving, the promotion was concentrated, during which the average drop in air conditioning was about 10%.

Suning Dongguan

Suning Dongguan also said that it will fully extend May 1 promotion from now on, focusing on the summer sales of color TVs, air conditioners, ice washing, two-season merchandise, etc., adding special and timely supply sources in time, and increasing the gift-giving efforts, so that The city's heavy volume "treat" consumers in need.

Price prediction

Fixed-frequency air conditioning may continue to be bullish

After undergoing this price adjustment, will the value of air conditioners continue to rise and rise, especially the fixed frequency air conditioners that are at the cusp of the storm?

Chen Guanquan, senior director of fashion electrical media, said that the air conditioner market will usher in the annual peak season after May 1st, and it is estimated that the price will not rise again. "Unless there are unexpected factors, the overall price adjustment is unlikely."

Dongguan Suning also analyzed that the overall energy efficiency subsidy for national energy-saving benefits is between 5 and 8%, and the subsidy scope is mainly the new level 1 energy efficiency and new level 2 energy efficiency models of fixed speed machines, and the above 2 energy efficiency grades. The type in Suning, Dongguan accounts for a relatively small amount, only about 30%, mainly concentrated in domestic brands such as Chigo and Oaks. It is expected that after the policy adjustment in the second half of the year, the price may fluctuate to a certain extent, and the price difference between inverter air conditioners and fixed frequency air conditioners will be further narrowed. "But fewer factories will directly increase the price, and most of them may reduce the promotion activities of fixed frequency products. Strength, in turn, strengthen the promotion of frequency conversion products. "

The person in charge of Dongguan Gome analyzed that the two-year implementation of the air-conditioning energy-saving subsidy policy has basically completed the policy objectives, and the initial adjustment of the proportion of high-efficiency air-conditioning product structure has been achieved. Therefore, fixed-speed air-conditioning that no longer enjoys policy subsidies will face price pressure. . At present, the air-conditioning energy-saving subsidy standard is 150 yuan to 250 yuan. It is precisely because of this subsidy policy that fixed-speed air conditioning has not been completely replaced by inverter air-conditioning, but with the cancellation of energy-saving subsidies and other factors, the cost pressure of fixed-frequency air conditioning is inevitable. increase.

Consumption reminder

Purchase machine should pay attention to quality first and then price

However, as the weather turned noticeably hotter, the annual peak season for air-conditioning sales also kicked off. According to relevant sources in the fashion electronics industry, the timing of this year's hot selling of air conditioners is actually ahead of schedule. The person said that in terms of purchasing functions and styles, consumers mainly favor air conditioning products with three functions of mute, environmental protection and frequency conversion.

According to Chen Yunfei, manager of the Suning Air-conditioning Purchasing and Sales Department of Dongguan, judging from the sales data of the May 1 Golden Week air conditioners this year, consumers pay more attention to whether the product is a green and environmentally friendly product when purchasing air conditioners, and the level of energy efficiency directly affects consumption Purchase of air conditioners. Chen Yunfei told reporters that more customers will choose products with high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. "The inverter air conditioner of about RMB 3,000 is more popular with many consumers. At the same time, the air conditioner with intelligent defrost, dehumidification, mildew and antibacterial functions has become an important standard for consumers to buy air conditioners." Chen Yunfei said, as the weather continues The warming has prompted a hot selling situation in the air-conditioning market in May.

After-sales service can not be ignored

In terms of after-sales service, fashion appliances revealed that starting from March this year, fashion appliances have been recruited by air-conditioning technicians on a large scale. "It can now be fully invested in the delivery and installation of air conditioners. May 1st sales can be delivered within three days of delivery, and usually can be delivered immediately after installation."

Xu Anping, the person in charge of after-sales in Suning, Dongguan, suggested that customers choose a home appliance store with perfect after-sales service when purchasing air conditioners, so as to avoid the possibility of "life failure" due to improper installation.

Xu Anping also said that if Dongguan consumers buy air conditioners in Suning Appliance, if the installation is abnormal, customers can call the customer service hotline to request reinstallation. From now on, Dongguan consumers will go to Dongguan Suning City, Changan, Humen and Changping areas. Stores that purchase air conditioners can enjoy the intimate service of "buy, send and install".

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