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Latex paint, commonly known as "paint" or "wall paint," is a water-soluble decorative material that is painted directly on the walls of interior walls to protect and beautify wall surfaces. It requires the use of primers and topcoats. Commercially-available latex paint products are truly environmentally-safe and safe products only through Green Ten Rings certification.

Smart Step Two: Mastering Latex Paint Functionality

The functional positioning of commercially available latex paint is divided into five series, from full-featured full-effect series, multi-functional five-in-one series, enhanced-functional super-easy-to-wash series, single-function series, and economical series, regardless of foreign brands. Such as Nippon or Dole, or domestic brands such as classic paint, have a corresponding product sales.

Smart Step 3: Find out the price of latex paint

The price of latex paint varies depending on the functional positioning. Usually, the full-effect series is about 400 yuan/5 liters, the five-in-one series is about 320 yuan/5 liters, and the super-easy to wash series is about 250 yuan/5 liters, a single function. The series is about 280/18 liters, and the economical series is around 180/18 liters. Consumers can choose different price products according to the actual conditions of their home decoration.

Smart Step 4: Check the Quality of Latex Paint

Latex paint products must pass the National Coatings Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to be qualified before being listed and sold. In particular, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and free formaldehyde are two indicators. The lower the value, the more environmentally friendly and reliable products are. Consumers can ask the merchant to present a test report for quality inquiry at the time of purchase. The form is a legend of the test report for reference.

1. All data from the National Coatings Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

2. Go to the local classic lacquer store to check the relevant product test report

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