The opening of the GEM will raise the enthusiasm of venture capital

With the GEM opening soon, local venture capital is about to usher in a harvest period, and Dachen Venture Capital will undoubtedly be one of the first investors to enjoy the joy of harvest. At present, Dachen has invested in more than 50 projects, companies such as Tongzhou Electronics (002052, shares it) have been listed on the small and medium-sized board, and Fujian Shengnong has also issued an initial application through IPO and is preparing to go public; Aier Ophthalmology, Thrive Network, Tongji Tong Jiejie and Wangsu Technology both appeared in the first batch of GEM applications. Beijing Digital Video and Blue Cursor are also preparing for the listing of GEM.

"We did not expect that the companies we selected just met the" two highs and six new "requirements of the ChiNext." Liu Chen, the president of Dachen Venture Capital, said very relaxedly. In fact, as early as two or three years ago, Dachen had already begun to adjust its investment structure, shifting from manufacturing to "light industry". Perhaps it was the foreseeing of the future of the ChiNext that made this change a good opportunity.

Dachen's development has always been very rhythmic. When venture capital lacks exit channels and faces difficulties, Dachen insists on the general direction of venture capital, pays attention to grasp the rhythm, invests cautiously, and waits for the spring breeze of policy. After the successful listing of Tongzhou Electronics, Dachen's investment has become more stable and mature. On the one hand, it actively seeks projects, on the other hand, it pays attention to the prevention and control of risks. It is the first local venture capital to set up a special risk control department. At the same time, Dachen also attaches great importance to the cultivation and incentive of talents, the construction of venture capital model, industry layout, fund raising and management, and future planning.

The GEM has entered the countdown, the enthusiasm of the venture capital industry has risen, the number of venture capital institutions has soared, the number and scale of funds have increased simultaneously, and investment managers are also grabbing projects around. Liu Zhou believes that after the opening of the GEM and early next year, there will be overheating in venture capital investment. Dachen will adjust its own investment strategy, slow down the pace and move forward steadily.

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