The floor purchase must be vigilant

Floor covering is the highlight of home decoration. What kind of floor is selected, how to install it, and how to accept it are all concerns of the decoration family. It has recently been discovered that wood flooring has become popular in large sizes, and consumers value quality. Today, large-size flooring has a great potential to replace small-sized floors. Due to the scarcity of solid wood flooring, large-size laminate flooring has gradually become the new favorite of home decoration. However, consumers need to be reminded that some floors are made of inferior materials, so Xiao Bian reminds consumers to be wary of “edge material” floors when buying floors.

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This year's purchase of wood flooring, consumers value the most is quality. Although solid wood flooring is good, maintenance is complicated. This year, each hypermarket launched a super wear-resistant solid wood floor. It is said that this type of floor, in addition to high wear resistance and the characteristics of ordinary solid wood flooring, but also has a strong paint film adhesion, high transparency, acid and alkali resistance is particularly good, strong moisture resistance, easy to crack, not explosive paint . As far as the decoration effect is concerned, there are many joints on the floor of the paving slabs, which are messy and cramped, and the dirt at the joints is difficult to deal with and bacteria are easy to grow. So the large-size floor has become popular in the market. The general specification of a common floor is 12cm×90cm, the specification of a large-sized floor can reach 14cm×180cm, and the area is 2.3 times that of ordinary wooden floor. It is understood that this type of floor generally uses red sandalwood, rosewood and other common materials, abandon the scrap, using the main part of the whole tree production, highlighting the atmosphere, paving up has an unlimited sense of extension and space.

In addition to super wear-resistant solid wood flooring, piano lacquer flooring is also a recently emerging market mainstream product. The appearance of gorgeous, bright, with a super-thick wear layer, the visual effect is more bright, thorough, and better foot, looks very much like solid wood flooring, but the price is much lower than solid wood flooring.

The advantages of large-size floor space and atmosphere become the biggest reason for consumers to buy

The living room is an important part of the home. The selection and laying of the living room floor should be coordinated with the owner's aesthetic and personality. Asian architect Tadao Ando used extensive large-sized flooring in the award-winning “Church of Light” to match the large hall; European architects’ award-winning works of the Embassy of Iceland in Berlin also used large-sized flooring as architectural highlights.

This shows that the largest space in the construction of new Asian architecture and European and American architecture uses large-size flooring. In the same way, the living room has a large floor and the sense of space will be more intense, more atmospheric and less cluttered, and it will be able to reflect the perfect combination of temperament and material.

The bigger the size, the easier it is to deform. Consumers should not blindly buy large-size flooring.

Some consumers blindly pursue large-size, large-size floors when they purchase floors, and think that large-size floor floors have less seams and are more beautiful. However, due to the larger size of the floor, the difference in internal and external tension and the degree of bloating and shrinkage are also greater. In contrast, the large-sized floor is more susceptible to deformation. Therefore, for the average home, the best size is 0.6 meters or less. The low price floor made of surplus materials for the police's corners The solid wood floors on the market currently have two standards: standard boards and non-standard boards. Some of the market's ridiculously low prices for "solid wood flooring" are almost narrow or short, such as the market selling only 145 yuan / square meter "Teak King" floor, 168 yuan / square "Burma Red Tan" floor Its length is only 420mm, and there is neither brand nor the place of origin. Low-priced non-standard plates have poor quality of raw materials, rot or worm eyes, etc. Manufacturers can only cut shorts or shave them so that they do not appear to be too problematic, so that the processed floor is changed. Become a non-standard board. What's more, many manufacturers reprocess the remaining wood scrap to produce a cheaper floor.

For example, many consumers specialize in long boards and wide boards when purchasing flooring. Such phenomena are relatively common. In fact, as the wood expands and shrinks with changes in ambient temperature and humidity, the wider the board surface deformation coefficient, the greater. In particular, in order to cater to the consumer psychology, some manufacturers have made some unstable and low-end materials into wide sheets to sell. The resulting floor deformation problems are endless. Therefore, there are special reminders in the guideline that if the budget is limited and materials and specifications cannot be taken into account, consumers should choose a small-size floor with good wood quality instead of a large-size, low-grade floor.

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