The financial crisis will promote the industrial upgrading of the stone industry

Abstract Spring is going to summer solstice, but the financial crisis is still embarrassing. If it doesn't go for a long time, how should China's stone industry be “wintering” smoothly? How to maintain performance growth even bigger and stronger in this storm? The financial crisis has tested the patience of the stone industry and tested it...

Spring is going to the summer solstice, but the financial crisis is still embarrassing. For a long time, how can the Chinese stone industry “smoothly winter”? How to maintain performance growth even bigger and stronger in this storm? The financial crisis has tested the patience of the stone industry and tested the wisdom of the majority of stone people.

Not long ago, the annual meeting of Zhejiang Stone Industry Association was held in Zhangzhou, Zhejiang. In the context of the current global financial crisis, how to deal with the test, development and expansion of the stone industry has become the most discussed topic among many delegates.

Domestic demand market to make up for the crisis
Chen Hanxin, president of Zhejiang Stone Industry Association, believes that the impact of the international financial crisis on the global real economy is increasingly apparent, and the impact on China's stone industry cannot be ignored. According to relevant data, during the period from January to March 2009, the import and export volume of stone products decreased. The export weight decreased by 44.5% year-on-year, and the amount decreased by 4.6% year-on-year; the import volume decreased by 21% year-on-year, and the amount decreased by 22.2%. .

The financial crisis is coming, the stone people need to be more calm and rational, they are looking for the turnaround and business opportunities in this crisis.

Xu Yongfei, chairman of Kunshan Wuzhou Stone Industry Co., Ltd. pointed out that after 30 years of exploration and development of stone processing technology and processing equipment, the technical level and management level are constantly improving, and can be comparable to the international advanced processing level. He also stressed that with the understanding and recognition of stone products, people's love for stone gradually deepened.

According to the 2008 China National Natural Stone Products Import and Export Statistics Summary, the export of stone has declined, but strong domestic demand is gradually making up for this loss. The state has introduced a large-scale government investment plan to expand domestic demand and total more than 4 trillion yuan. The investment is mainly used for railway, highway, airport construction, people's livelihood projects and infrastructure construction, energy conservation and emission reduction and ecological construction. The stone people at the meeting generally believe that cement, stone and other building materials are an important part of the people's livelihood project and infrastructure engineering, so it can drive the development of the stone industry, and at the same time a new round of economic development, especially the construction of new countryside and urbanization. Speeding up will provide a broader space for the sale of stone. All these positive factors have also become "could in the cold, business opportunities in the crisis."

Structural adjustment to promote industrial upgrading
“The challenge is also an opportunity during the financial crisis. It is a major opportunity for China's stone industry to adjust its industrial structure and promote industrial upgrading.” Participants expressed a unified voice.

Huang Wei, director of China Stone Network, believes that in the face of the crisis, “survival of the fittest” and “re-shuffling” are the subtext of the stone industry to continue to develop. He pointed out that at the crucial moment, the stone enterprise should at least grasp three points in adjusting the structure. First, it is necessary to timely correct the development strategy and marketing strategy according to changes in the external environment and its own characteristics, re-determine the market direction, and reconfigure resources; It is necessary to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, increase the added value of products, strengthen the construction and management of enterprises themselves, strengthen internal power construction, and wait for opportunities; third, we must comprehensively enhance the capacity for independent innovation, and innovative enterprises will have vitality and development. With the continuous emergence of stone products, the matching machinery has emerged to meet the requirements of new product production and processing. Keeping up with the development trend and innovating the market will provide endless stamina for the development of the company.

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