The essence! 7 tips to extend the life of three-phase asynchronous motors with Dalan Motor

Although the three-phase asynchronous motor is protected by a hard shell, its interior is extremely fragile. Specifically, how do we take care of it, Dalan Motor Editor will share 7 tips for you today.

The main inspection and maintenance items of the motor are as follows:

1. Remove the dust and oil sludge outside the motor base in time. If there is a lot of dust in the environment, clean it once a day.

2. Frequently check the terminal board screws for looseness or burns.

3. Periodically measure the insulation resistance of the motor. If the environment is humid, it should be measured frequently.

4. Regularly clean the bearings and replace with new oil (generally changed every six months), should not be full when changing oil, generally occupy 1/2 to 1/3 of the oil cavity, otherwise, it is easy to heat or throw out, the oil should be added from one side People can squeeze out impurities that have not been cleaned from the other side.

5. Regularly check the starting equipment to see if the contacts and wiring are burned, oxidized, and whether the contact is good.

6. Check the insulation. The insulating capacity of the insulating material varies with the degree of drying, so it is very important to keep the motor windings dry. Therefore, when the motor is in use, the insulation resistance should be checked frequently, and pay attention to see whether the motor chassis grounding is reliable.

7. In addition to the maintenance of the motor according to the above items, it needs to be overhauled once after the motor runs for one year. Its purpose is to conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the motor, supplement the missing and worn components of the motor, completely remove the dust and dirt inside and outside the motor, check the insulation, clean the bearings and check their wear.

After being processed in the above way, it can not only effectively extend the life of the motor, but also have a positive effect on safe production.

----- Responsible Editor: Dalan Oil Pump Motor 02-Procurement Consultant

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Pyrite Used in Lithium Batteries as Battery Anode Materials

Material for lithium battery cathode

Place of Origin: Henan Luoyang, China

Pyrite, Iron pyrites , pyrites lump, Ferro sulphur, Pyrites powder.

Product Description:

Detailed introduction: it is used as cathode material for lithium battery, which has the advantages of low cost, large capacity, environmental protection and good voltage platform.

The high-grade pyrite is used in lithium batteries as battery anode materials, with benefits of lower cost, large capacity, environmental protection, better voltage platform. Etc.


S: 48%min, FE: 42%min, SIO2: 3.0%max, PB: 0.1%max,

ZN: 0.1%max, AS: 0.1%max, . C: 0.3%max, CU: 0.2%max,

H20: 1.0%max, SIZE: 95%min

Granularity: (0-3)mm/(3-8)mm/(3-15)mm/(15-50)mm or other particle size.

Packing: 25KG/500KG/1000KG/BAG or 1000KG/BAG or other packaging.

Note: if there are special requirements, the product can be customized according to clients` requirements.

(In addition, our company is specialized in the production of `Hengkai Metallurgical" Brand - ferro sulphur series for foundry, copper removal agent series for lead smelting, debismuthizing agent for lead smelting, iron sulphide series for resin grinding wheel abrasive industry, iron sulphide series for brake pad friction industry, iron sulphide series for heavy metal wastewater treatment, iron disulphide series for soil improvement, iron disulphide for lithium battery anode, alloy sand series for wear-resisting flooring industry, ferrous sulphide powder series for ferrous sulphide cored wire, ferrous sulphide for ferrous sulphide cored wire, iron sulphide for resin grinding wheel, ferrous sulphide powder for heavy metal wastewater treatment, ferrous sulphide powder for soil improvement, ferrous sulphide cored wire, pyrite, ferrous sulphide ore, molybdenum oxide, high purity molybdenum trioxide, ammonium molybdate, titanium dioxide, cryolite powder, mullite, etc.) 

Material For Lithium Battery Cathode-LHT-LDC

Material for lithium battery cathode Pyrite, Iron pyrites, pyrites lump, Ferro sulphur, Pyrites powder.