The Challenges Faced by China's Ship Market and Countermeasures

Due to the impact of the global financial crisis, the global shipping market has entered a new stage of adjustment. China's shipbuilding industry chain has gradually started a new transformation. In the past few years, China's domestic shipbuilding enterprises above the scale have continued to lose money, and the industry has suffered losses. This paper has reached 21%. This paper starts with the analysis of the current situation of China's ship market, expounds the challenges faced by China's shipbuilding industry, and proposes corresponding countermeasures. First, the status quo of China's ship market As a special industry, the products of the shipbuilding industry have their unique attributes. As a special international product, ship products need to consume a lot of financial resources and time, and the production mode is often single. The production of the parts, so the ship industry has a significant industry lag compared to other heavy industries. Due to the continued sluggishness of the shipbuilding industry in recent years, China's ship market has gradually begun to decline. Although there has been some growth in 2009, according to experts, China's ship market will not develop much in the next one or two years. The impact of the international financial crisis has not yet passed. The production and operation of the shipbuilding industry is still not optimistic. Some emerging shipyards are unable to receive a shipbuilding order even for one year, facing the embarrassing situation of no shipbuilding, and letting this The sluggish ship market is getting worse. Second, the challenges facing China's shipbuilding market The cost of the shipbuilding industry has risen. In recent years, the cost of the shipbuilding industry has continued to rise, and the pressure on shipbuilding companies has continued to increase. In particular, the price of various raw materials has increased tremendously this year, and the current labor cost has increased. The accumulation of various factors has caused the total profit of shipbuilding enterprises to continue to decline, and the development of the domestic ship market has fallen into a frozen period. Handheld orders continue to decline. Due to the instability of the international ship market, the demand for shipbuilding structure has changed. Many shipbuilding companies in China are unable to receive new shipbuilding orders, and the difficulty in shipbuilding contracts has increased. Therefore, the volume of hand-held orders has continued to decline in recent years. Many shipbuilding companies have not received Faced with huge losses due to new orders, even some enterprises have experienced the difficult situation of no shipbuilding and vacant shipbuilding. The losses of various shipbuilding enterprises continue to increase, causing the losses of the entire shipbuilding industry to further increase, leading to the ship market in China. More sluggish. The ship repair market is in a downturn. Due to the impact of the global financial crisis, China's ship repair market has been in a trough in recent years. On the surface, although the repair volume of conventional ships has increased, the decline in repair prices and the reduction in single-ship repair business have led to ship repairs. The market efficiency has dropped sharply, and the profits of enterprises have become thinner and thinner. The market for modified ships is basically in a stagnant state. The price competition among various enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. Even the phenomenon of vicious competition occurs, and the ship market is even more depressed. Third, the current countermeasures for the ship market are facing challenges to adjust the development structure of the ship market. To adjust the development structure of the ship market, in the final analysis, it is necessary to change the development structure of the shipbuilding industry, and to promote structural adjustment as the central task of the development of the ship market. In recent years of the Central Economic Work Conference, it is often mentioned that “it is more important to promote the transformation of the economic development mode and structural adjustment”. In recent years, the excessive expansion of China's shipbuilding industry and blind development have led to various problems and contradictions, such as industrial inconsistency, structural capacity surplus, and development of ship-shaped malformations in shipbuilding orders. Therefore, under the current situation of China's ship market, it is imperative to change the development structure. All levels of departments and shipbuilding enterprises must take the adjustment of product structure and accelerate the adjustment of market structure as the top priority of the work and promote the development of China's ship market. Strengthen management to improve order quality. All shipbuilding enterprises should strengthen production management, improve product quality, improve their management level, and make orders that satisfy customers, so that they can firmly grasp customers, seize the market, and occupy the increasingly competitive international ship market environment. A place for yourself. Shipbuilding enterprises must not only strictly control the quality of products, try to avoid the difficulty of submitting orders due to quality reasons, but also strengthen the analysis of costs, carefully analyze various factors affecting industry costs, and strive to prevent financial risks. To speed up product upgrades, seize market opportunities, and strive to open up their own markets. Cultivate outstanding talents to expand the market. Talents are the key factor in the development of the shipbuilding industry. Excellent industry talents are indispensable conditions for the recovery of the ship market. Therefore, it is necessary to train talents, implement talent strategies, develop disciplines related to ships and marine engineering, and vigorously cultivate outstanding talents. . We must not only strengthen cooperation and exchanges with famous universities at home and abroad, but also strive to jointly run schools, but also strive to improve our academic standards, communicate with leading international scholars, and promote the recognition of domestic schools and educational standards by international academic circles. To promote the school level to meet international standards. In addition, we must continue to introduce first-class teachers with rich experience, and cultivate outstanding talents with strong professional ability, which will lay a solid guarantee for the development of the ship market. IV. Conclusion The shipbuilding industry plays a vital role in China's heavy industry. It is expected that China will achieve the grand goal of the world's largest shipbuilding country in 2015. To achieve this goal, the shipbuilding industry must have a leap-forward development. In the past few years, due to the continuous increase in the cost of the shipbuilding industry and the impact of raw materials and labor costs, China's ship market has continued to be in a downturn, resulting in a decline in orders for shipbuilding companies and an increase in industry losses. How to make China's ship market out of the trough and improve the hard power of the shipbuilding industry is a serious problem facing us. Under the current situation of China's economic and technological development, we must only constantly adjust the market development structure and encourage shipbuilding enterprises to improve production. Quality, lower production costs, and continuous training of outstanding professionals, can make the shipbuilding industry better development, let China's ship market continue to expand, occupy a stable market in the international shipbuilding industry.


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