Talking about the Development of Mould Market in Hardware Processing Industry

The development of the mold market is inseparable from the precision mold parts. “Hardware products are widely classified. China has gradually become a major metal processing country and exporter in the world, and it has become one of the world's largest hardware manufacturers with a vast market and consumer potential.” Mold hardware is our country An important part of the hardware industry, the “12th Five-Year Plan” period is a critical period for China to properly respond to major changes in the domestic and international development environment and accelerate the realization of the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also a critical period for the healthy development of China's mold manufacturing industry. Domestic and foreign environments are not Although there are many definite factors, China's economic development is still in a period of rapid growth. The comparative advantages of China's molds in the international mold market still exist, and the domestic mold market is expected to continue to be optimistic. The development of the mold industry presents a major trend. As more and more multinational companies enter China, the local advantages of China's hardware companies are being challenged. China's hardware stainless steel enterprises, especially growth-oriented enterprises, must be clear-headed, they must firmly seize the strategic development opportunities and set up reasonable development goals for themselves. If you cannot go upstream, you will only have to die. In the end, whether an enterprise pursues profits or creates value for its customers or benefits employees? These points are the goals of the company, but fundamentally speaking, if we can only choose one important goal, the value is The company pursues high goals. The accuracy of the mold will be higher and higher. Ten years ago, the precision of precision molds was generally 5 micrometers, and now it has reached 2 to 3 micrometers. Soon the mold with 1 micron precision will be on the market. This requires superfinishing. The mold industry will become larger and larger. This is due to the development of "multi-cavity" due to the increasing size of mold parts and high production efficiency requirements. The mold industry multi-functional composite mold will be further developed. In addition to stamping and forming parts, the new multi-functional composite molds also carry out assembly tasks such as lamination, tapping, riveting, and locking, and their performance requirements for steel materials are also increasing. How can China's mold and die hardware companies advance in the storm? Not long ago, Vice-Premier Wu Yi of the State Council stressed at the National Circulation Work Conference that the process of perfecting the socialist market economic system is a process of rapid circulation. If one does not understand circulation, one cannot understand The socialist market economy and modern circulation are important factors in improving the speed, quality, and effectiveness of economic operations. Therefore, in order to ensure the continued prosperity of the hardware manufacturing industry and accelerate the development of the mold and hardware industry, we must first do a good job in several areas. We must do a good job in the modern service industry of the mold and hardware industry, develop large business, form a large distribution, open circulation pattern, establish an efficient distribution platform, change the current status of the hardware distribution platform "small, scattered, weak"; must do a good job in the industry Each link in the development process, through the accumulation of the hardware industry in the province, forms a large cluster of hardware industry, stretches the industrial chain, forms a production pattern that interlocks and complements each other, and enhances the overall competitiveness of the hardware industry; The technological innovation and brand building of production enterprises must accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign trade and the integration of trade and industry, and promote the adjustment of economic structure and changes in the mode of economic growth; it is necessary to take advantage of e-commerce and to expand the market and expand consumption as the main line. Network service platform, promote the hardware market system, modern hardware logistics system, hardware market monitoring system and hardware commercial credit system construction, realize the modernization of hardware industry circulation as soon as possible; must do a good job in the industry exchanges and cooperation, realize resource sharing, the hardware of the province Enterprises should be soberly aware of each Intricate and complicated issues, we must gather everyone’s wisdom and strength, use collective resources, seek advantages and avoid harm, strengthen cooperation, promote multi-directional communication within and outside the industry, promote prosperity, and form the overall effect of the industry, and actively respond to international The trade barriers have taken the initiative to respond to the severe challenges of the international market. After determining the direction of development of the company, the leaders of the mold and hardware enterprises should seize the focus of the leadership work, clarify the key work of the company, and not waste energy on other trivial matters. If one thing cannot promote employees The enthusiasm does not have a short-term or long-term promotion effect on the development of the company's profits. This is unnecessary and can be ignored. Hubei Qiqi Mould Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of precision mould parts and fittings, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for precision mould parts processing; professional production: hot runners, ejectors, siphons, inserts, guide posts, guides Sets, convex and concave molds, springs, fixtures, auto parts and other non-standard parts and accessories.

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