Summer composite floor maintenance done

If you want to use laminate flooring for a long period of time, maintenance must be done. Since the laminate flooring is made of reactive wood and has strong water absorption capacity, it will change with changes in external conditions, so maintenance work is particularly important.

Waxing should not be too frequent. Wax must be sealed after laying the laminate flooring. That is, waxing the unpainted composite flooring on a regular basis, once every three months in average, is mainly to protect the composite floor paint film and avoid the wet and dry weather. Impact, while significantly reducing the shrinkage and expansion rate of the composite floor. At the same time, when cleaning the composite floor, it is necessary to keep the dryness of the composite floor, and do not directly flush with large amounts of water. This will directly lead to drum deformation of the composite floor. For composite floor care products, choose a suitable composite floor wax. Only use one kind of wax at a time. If different waxes are mixed, they will react with each other to make the composite floor sticky and dirty. The amount of wax should also be appropriate.

Composite floors should be dusted frequently in daily life. Usually, dust is removed with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. The places that are frequently trampled must be vacuumed. Special attention should be paid to the entrance hall and the walkway leading to the outside. In addition, a dustproof pad can be placed at the door, or a dust strip can be installed at the bottom of the door to prevent dust from entering the house. At the same time, when moving furniture, special care should be taken not to drag the furniture on the laminate floor. This will easily scratch the laminate flooring and make the laminate flooring look like a big face, if it is used to move the furniture.

Summer floor maintenance tips:

1. Ventilate frequently in summer, especially if there is no living room. Long-term unoccupied rooms are most prone to arching and curling, so they must be regularly checked and ventilated.

2, to avoid the daily use of wet mop to wipe the ground, once a week as benefits, with mop when the water must be wrung dry and then rub the composite floor. When dusty floors on the floor of a composite floor, vacuum cleaners should be used.

3, slippers worn in the summer bathing should not be worn to the room with laminate flooring. Because the slippers will wear out after a period of time, a lot of water will be inhaled when bathing, and after wearing a slippers and entering the room with laminate flooring, the composite floor will absorb the water in the slippers, and then the bag will appear and be curled. .

4. It is rainy in summer. When no one is in the room that lays out the laminate flooring, the windows should be closed to prevent the rain from picking up the laminate flooring and cause unnecessary losses.

5, sauna weather, hot and humid, easy to arch the composite floor, then you should open the air conditioning's dehumidification function, so that the indoor humidity down, to avoid the arching phenomenon.

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