Su Da developed a flexible solar cell

Put a thin film on the back of the phone, as long as the light can be charged at any time, this dream is expected to become a reality. The reporter learned from Soochow University that under the guidance of doctoral tutor and Professor Ma Wanli, the recipient of the National Youth Plan, the research team led by Yuan Jianyu, a graduate student of the Nanotechnology Institute, spent more than a year and successfully developed a flexible "Polymer solar cells", the results have been successfully applied for two invention patents.

“The solar cells currently on the market are dominated by traditional inorganic materials. Such battery products are bulky, small in size, expensive to produce, and consume a lot of electricity and energy in the production process, causing a lot of environmental pollution. The biggest difference between the semiconductor silicon-based solar cells is that the flexible polymer solar cells can be bent or folded like banknotes, and they can be charged in sunlight after being unfolded. They are very light and easy to carry.”

In the laboratory of Suda Nano-Science and Technology Institute, Yuan Jianyu showed the reporter a new type of solar panel whose appearance is a transparent plastic film. It is just like an ordinary sheet of paper and can be bent into various shapes such as a cylinder. If you look closely, you will find that this transparent plastic film is printed with a thin layer of chemicals. Do not underestimate this layer of 100-nm-thick film, it is a new type of polymer material, it is the core of this new type of solar cell, is to rely on it to absorb solar energy, and then converted into electrical energy.

Yuan Jianyu told reporters that the production process of flexible polymer solar cells is simple, and volume-to-volume mass production can be used. When will flexible solar cells meet you? Professor Alan Heeger, who won the 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the inventor of conductive polymers in the United States, and Professor Ma Wanli who has more than 10 years of experience in researching new types of solar cells, told the reporter that at present, the research group has completed preliminary laboratory research. , Ongoing product amplification and later process optimization.

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