Study on Wear and Machining Quality of Grinding Wheel in SiC Particle Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite Grinding

Abstract Particle reinforced aluminum matrix composites are a typical difficult material to process. We have carried out experimental research on the surface quality of SiC particle reinforced aluminum matrix composites for surface grinding of electroplated diamond grinding wheels. The results show that the grinding wheel diameter wear is 0.11 mm when the spindle length is 6000 r/min, the feed speed is 300 mm/min, and the grinding depth is 0.05 mm. The surface roughness reached R under the processing parameters used in the experiment. 0.57~1.12 txm, the surface quality is high. The wear form, wear mechanism and dressing of the grinding wheel of the electroplated diamond grinding wheel are also analyzed and introduced.

Diamond and Abrasives Engineering, 2009, Issue 3

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