Steel market prices are falling

Construction steel has dropped the thick-walled seamless pipe Q345B steel pipe for two consecutive weeks, and the steel market has a panic downside. After the spot steel market is under certain pressure, the current steel market pressure has been transmitted to the steel mills and upstream raw materials market. As the spot steel price continues to fall, the pressure on the steel mill contract organization http:// http:// has become more apparent, and the in-plant inventory of some steel mills continues to rise. According to market reports, after the spot steel market is under certain pressure, this pressure is being transmitted to the steel mills and the raw materials market such as the mining market. Under the chain effect, steel prices may have room for further decline.
The ex-factory price of steel mills has fallen, which has formed a chain effect. Following Baosteel's first reduction of the August ex-factory price of Zhejiang Stainless Steel Pipe Taigang stainless steel pipe yuan. Some market participants have noticed that the price of "Essential pricing" http://high-pressure seamless pipe alloy seamless pipe hot-rolled seamless pipe Q345B steel pipe of Shagang, Hebei Iron and Steel and other manufacturers has been more than ton per ton. 200 yuan, steel mill ex-factory price copper tube copper tube T2 copper tube thick-walled brass tube continues to be significantly reduced has been difficult to avoid. The adjustment of steel output is still difficult to satisfy the market. The latest data shows that the average daily crude steel production in the first half of July is estimated at 1.958 million tons, down 0.36% from the previous month. At present, although most steel mills are already at a loss, steel mills are not producing significant production. Some steel mills are still actively consuming high-priced raw material stocks, and capacity release continues to remain high. Stainless steel angle steel 321 stainless steel rod

Super Duplex Seamless & Welded BW Fittings
Duplex stainless steels are becoming more common. They are being offered by all the major stainless steel mills for a number of reasons:
Higher strength leading to weight saving
Greater corrosion resistance particularly stress corrosion cracking
Better price stability
SAF 2507 ®is a registered trademark for Sandvik
This is a Duplex alloy stainless steel designed to feature high strength, resistance to pitting, stress corrosion cracking, erosion corrosion and corrosion fatigue, crevice corrosion and strong weldability.

Duplex Fittings

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