Solid wood cabinet market warms up

Solid wood cabinet market warms up In recent years, solid wood cabinets are gradually favored by more and more consumers because of their simplicity and dignified temperament. Many cabinet makers also took the opportunity to introduce a variety of solid wood cabinets to cater to consumer preferences.

Relevant experts said that the solid wood cabinets have been given the cultural value of cabinets through natural texture and fine craftsmanship, which has become an important reason for consumers to buy. Under the influence of the pursuit of natural, environmental, and healthy consumption concepts, production companies need to increase their production capacity and innovation capabilities in order to meet rational and healthy consumer needs.

The warming of the solid wood cabinet market In recent years, the market heat of solid wood cabinets has gradually warmed up. In the cabinet market, there are more and more merchants selling and selling solid wood cabinets, and pure wood cabinet advertising signs can be seen everywhere.

According to the person in charge of a cabinet store, in the past three years, the sales of solid wood cabinets in the store have increased by about 10% annually, and the proportion of total cabinet sales has increased by about 2% each year. Many cabinet brands have launched their own solid wood cabinet series.

“Solid wood cabinets have been welcomed and hailed. It has become a significant market phenomenon. Although industry associations have not conducted systematic statistics on this, we can actually feel that in recent years, the production of solid wood cabinet manufacturers, sellers, and consumers has continued. Increase." An industry source said.

The cultural value of solid wood cabinets reflects the popularity of solid wood cabinets by consumers, and has multiple relationships with the economic and consumer concepts behind them. Some experts stated that people's living standards are improved, economic conditions are lenient, and wood cabinets are more precious and can reflect individual economic and social status. The main material of solid wood cabinets is natural wood, and there are few accessories such as glue and paint. In general, formaldehyde is used. The release is small, more environmentally friendly and natural.

Experts believe that in the era of hand-made cabinets, people used wood to make cabinets. With the increase in the level of industrial production, wood-based panels have entered thousands of households because of their cost savings and high production efficiency. In recent years, with the return of consumer demand for solid wood cabinets, in addition to the natural advantages and economic value of natural wood, the enhancement of processing technology has also made the value of solid wood cabinets of cultural significance.

A cabinet brand general manager also stated that a good solid wood cabinet is a good product of a good wood plus process. He said: "Good wood cabinets must first be made of good wood, and then through the modern (modern decoration renderings) solid wood cabinet processing technology, the wood's hardness, density, texture and other natural characteristics combined with the characteristics of the use of cabinets, making the product a cabinet As part of the culture, consumers will pay for the lifestyle they advocate and the cultural values ​​they disclose."

The threshold of solid wood cabinets market should be improved. In recent years, the development of the solid wood cabinet industry is relatively good. Many companies have transformed themselves to become solid wood cabinets. In fact, the processing technology of solid wood cabinets is difficult to grasp, and the production equipment is not universal. It is difficult to make a good cabinet that is standardized and standardized at one time. Therefore, in the solid wood cabinet market standards, more standardized standards should be introduced.

A cupboard brand official believes that in recent years, the development of the solid wood cabinet industry has entered a new era, and some companies have started to advocate less use of natural or precious wood and consume less materials. On the one hand, this kind of wood is indeed more expensive. On the other hand, excessive development has destroyed the natural environment. In addition, the concept of market consumption has also changed. Consumers value the design, craftsmanship and quality of cabinets. As a company, we should guide consumers to change their concepts, value the value of cabinets rather than materials, protect nature, and use materials reasonably.

According to a cabinet industry design director, at present, most of China's solid wood cabinet designs are influenced by foreign designs such as Northern Europe, Italy, and Japan. If the Chinese cabinet wants to go international, it must have an independent design style and an excellent experience. There are characteristics that naturally people will buy it, buy it well and use it naturally. Among these, the products designed by China need to be compatible with compatibility and compatibility. Compatibility means that the product's style and function can be accepted by people of different lifestyles. Applicability means that the product's effects are suitable for different applications. Age and different preferences of people.

“What is the mainstream consumer concept in the market is pure, such as pure milk, pure cotton, and pure solid wood... But I want to remind consumers and businesses that the cabinet that we ultimately buy and sell is a use product. How can we use it? Good materials, fully embodying the value of wood, and combining the use value with the aesthetic cultural orientation, depends on the company's production capacity and technological level.If the wood is not handled well, the cabinets will be easily deformed; if the materials are not properly selected, the cabinets are Out is very rough; if the design is not good, then the cabinet of any material is not beautiful.Now China's solid wood cabinet manufacturing enterprises have uneven levels of production, low level of industrialization, do boutique cabinets, make their own brand characteristics, is a business Needs thinking," said industry experts.

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