Soaring decoration: decoration style modern and simple design features of modern minimalist style

Speaking of the style of decoration, surely everyone must be familiar with the style of modern and simple decoration. It is a style of home decoration chosen by many people. It is very economical, and there are not too many glitzy decorations. What are the characteristics of modern and simple decoration? How to match the style of modern and simple style, the following article to introduce it to everyone.


What are the characteristics of modern style of decoration style?

The modern and minimalist style of decoration is advocating simple fashion on the items. If your house is not large, you don't need to buy large-size items to occupy the space. We need to purchase the necessary products according to our living needs, and it is better to buy it. Do not occupy space, it is best to fold, multi-purpose items.


What are the characteristics of modern minimalist style of decoration?

The interior space of modern minimalist style is brighter and more open than the others, and is very transparent. In the space design, the interior floor is not subject to the restriction of the weight wall. Walls and furniture should all be simplified, and as much as possible, superfluous decoration should be avoided. Any complicated design and parts with no practical value should be reprimanded because it will not only increase the decoration cost, but also has no practical features. Most of the monthly goods are mainly straight lines, and glass metal is also used in large quantities. 飞升装饰现代效果图

What are the characteristics of modern minimalism decoration style III: furniture configuration features

Modern minimalist style of decoration in the furniture configuration, the main collection of white light series, bright gloss can make the furniture more stylish feel, people feel comfortable, beautiful and unsightly. In terms of accessories, mainly black and white gray as the main color, with a simple design, perfect details, to create a stylish and unsightly interior space.


How to match the modern simple style color

1, hard color system

The center's color is red, and the interior space also adopts a red carpet. The curtains adopt a blue-and-white printed fabric, which has a strong contrast with the red carpet. The color of the sofa is preferably black, and the furniture, the wall, and the ceiling are mainly white. It is possible to avoid sharp contrast of colors and produce garish eyes.

2, light color

The center's color is yellow, orange, and then select the orange carpet, in the curtains and bedspread to take a yellow-white printed cloth, the sofa, the ceiling will take a gray tone, and then place a few pots of green plants in the interior space, let the whole Space is full of a pleasant and brisk atmosphere.

The article concludes: The above is about the modern style of the decoration style features and how to match the modern minimalist style of color related to the presentation, hoping to give everyone in the decoration to provide a helping hand, modern minimalist style of decoration, simple and clear and full of fashion sense, focus on space The use of this is very suitable for those small house renovations.

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