Smart lock chip price - smart lock chip price commentary

The key to a good smart lock is how it works. The high-quality lock cylinder can prevent the thief from doing damage, and it can also serve us for a long time. Smart lock chip prices are now the most concern for everyone, always feel that smart locks are more expensive, today to reveal the price of this lock cylinder, to see where exactly expensive


Smart lock price

1. Smart Cylinder with swiping function Anti-theft door locks Door lock chip

Reference price 20 yuan

2. Super-B anti-theft door lock cylinder C-class double blade anti-break explosion-proof blades pure copper cylinder

Reference price 180

3. Hotel smart door lock chip door lock electronic sensor chip

Reference price 49 yuan

4. Slide lock smart lock Semiconductor sensor lock product design R & D motherboard pcb program microcontroller chip

Reference price 99 yuan

5. Smart door lock circuit board smart door lock chip

Reference price 38 yuan

6. Must be intelligent electronic lock sauna bath locker lock sensor encryption chip

Reference price 115

7. induction lock electronic lock card lock factory direct 8588RF intelligent door lock double chip

Reference price 115 yuan

Smart lock chip prices are introduced here, if you want to learn more about the smart home news can be timely attention to our home network, we will update the relevant information every day, I hope to help you

Non-Metallic Ground Hardener
Scope of application:
Non-metallic Ground Hardener
For wear-resistant impact and reduce the dust on the ground, such as: warehouses, docks, factories, parking lots, maintenance workshops, garages, warehouse-style shopping malls until the ground.
Performance characteristics:
1, with a high degree of wear resistance;
2, reduce dust;
3, impact resistance
4, construction is convenient, easy to maintain;
5, rich colors (cement color, green, red, gray, blue, etc.)

Construction Technology:
1, leveling the horizon leveling, the aggregate evenly spread on the leveling layer;
2, two evenly spread wear-resistant aggregate. Mention pulp and trowel
3, saw the concrete in the appropriate position, make expansion joints, and caulk;
4, curing curing the ground.

Technical index:



Non-metallic aggregate type â… 

Metallic aggregate type â…¡

Wear (gear method)



Compressive strength










Flexural strength






Oil resistance


Three-year strength of the oil bubble is not reduced, paint <0.3mm (including impermeability)

Corrosion resistance


Standard corrosion test of aggregate, 42d natural potential constant positive, the stability value of +50 mm (S.C.E), the maximum value of +120 mv (S.C.E) cement test, 5% NaCI solution immersion, 2 years and 3 months without rust.

Skid resistance


Same as ordinary cement floor


Same as ordinary cement floor

Non-metallic Ground Hardener

Non-Metallic Ground Hardener,Red Non-Metallic Floor Hardener,Primary Non-Metallic Surface Hardener,Iron Green Non-Metallic Floor Hardener

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