Small balcony how to decorate small balcony decoration notes

Home decoration, the sun is also an important part of the renovation, many people like to decorate the balcony into a small garden, and the balcony decoration design should be based on the size of the balcony area, because the balcony decoration to take into account space issues. Next, we will introduce how to decorate the small balcony and the decoration of the small balcony.

How to decorate a small balcony

1, lighting design

The small balcony is the place where the entire house shines the most sunlight. The lighting of the small balcony will directly affect the indoor lighting. Therefore, the partition between the small balcony and the interior is best cut off with glass.

2, material selection

The materials must be selected for safety and environmental protection materials. Materials should be selected according to the characteristics of the balcony. For example, the sill plate is best to use stone as the panel. Compared with the wooden sill plate, the stone has the characteristics of waterproof, sun protection, and no cracking.

3, lighting design

Lights can be selected for lights, wall lights, chandeliers, etc. It is good that lights can create a romantic atmosphere. If you sit on the balcony in the evening after a busy day and enjoy the coolness, plus the atmosphere, how pleasant!

4, floor tiles design

The balcony floor tiles can use axial bricks, which have the advantages of anti-fouling, anti-seepage and anti-dirty properties. The cracks in the tiles can be caulked with caulking agent because the balcony should be in contact with the water. It will be prone to moulding for a long time, and the caulking agent has strong anti-mildew, dirt-repellent and dirt-repellent properties.

Second, small balcony decoration notes

1, to distinguish between the primary and secondary, clear features

When decorating, main balcony and sub-balcony should be distinguished. In general, the balcony adjacent to the living room and the main bedroom is the main balcony, which can be installed into a gym, tea room, etc.; and the sub-balcony is adjacent to the kitchen and living room and is mainly used for storage and washing. , The decoration can be simpler.

2, pay attention to the packaging quality

Balcony packaging should take into account the wind resistance, so the quality, sealing must be better, otherwise it is easy to wind. The most easily seepage under the window sash, usually set aside 2 cm clearance under the window frame, you can use special sealant or cement to fill. If you have a window sill, you have to go outside for a water slope.

3, pay attention to safety

The balcony decoration is to pay attention to the load-bearing, can not exceed the balcony load, try to put less heavy furniture, to avoid causing danger. When you close the balcony, try not to expand the space a little more, so that it is not only dangerous but also unsightly.

4, pay attention to waterproof and drainage treatment

Balcony is waterproof and drainage should be handled well, because the balcony is often used to wash clothes, if the waterproof, drainage treatment is not good, it is prone to water and leakage phenomena.

Editing summary: How to decorate the small balcony and the small balcony decoration notices are introduced here, and hope to be helpful to everyone. For more details on how to decorate a small balcony , please pay attention to this site, or visit our website under the line of experience directly!

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