Six levels of intelligent CNC machine tools

On the eve of CIMES2012, Sheng Bohao, deputy chief engineer and senior consultant of Beijing Electromechanical Research Institute, mentioned in an interview with metal processing online reporter that intelligent CNC machine tools can sense themselves and the environment, and can analyze various kinds of machine tools, processing status and Environmentally relevant information and take action to ensure the optimization of the process. The intelligentization of CNC machine tools can be divided into six levels:

1 A programming system with process planning that automatically identifies machining features.

2 Automatically prevent the collision between the tool and the workpiece, the intelligent tool monitoring technology, independently discover the problems of the tool, and implement the corresponding countermeasures.

3 Monitor the vibration of the machine tool, evaluate the vibration level of the machine tool, and automatically suppress the vibration by the corresponding vibration suppression algorithm or intelligent spindle speed adjustment to improve the smoothness of the machining and the tool life.

4 Automatic position detection and compensation function, automatically compensates for the effects of thermal deformation such as spindle, column and bed.

5 automatic replenishment of lubricating oil and noise suppression.

6 machine tool fault diagnosis and maintenance.


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