Silent door locks are expected to fill industry gaps

Silent door locks are expected to fill industry gaps

In recent years, as the noise in modern living environments has become increasingly prominent and people’s demands for quality of life have been increasing, consumers’ demands for “quiet” environments are more urgent than ever before. Mute door lock category pioneers "famous", has introduced technology leading silent door locks and hardware products, fill the door lock industry category blank, leading the industry era of silence.

Based on insights and research into consumer life, the famous door discovered the impact of the noise of the switch door on people's lives and work. The journey to create a silent door lock was started: From 2006 to 2008, the concept of “silent door lock” was proposed and widely demonstrated; In 2009-2011, the project developed a mute door lock; in 2012, the first generation of muted door locks was launched on the market, 2 silent invention patents were obtained, and 2 utility model patents were muted; in July 2013, Mingmen announced the strategic positioning of “silent door locks”. In the same year, the company launched the second-generation silent door lock (magnetic force), obtained 1 silent invention patent, 3 muted invention patent applications, and muted utility model patents; in 2014, Mingmen introduced the third generation of muted door locks and won the utility model There are 7 patents and 5 silent invention patent applications.

Today, the comprehensive solution for silent door locks has won high recognition from consumers, wooden door industry and real estate developers, and has caused resonance and follow-up.

Through continuous iteration of silent technology innovation, the problem of door and door door lock noise has been effectively solved. Door hardware, home hardware, bathroom hardware also have annoying noise, for different noise sources, different scenes, Mingmen all-round use of mechanical, magnetic, damping and other silent technologies, mute door locks and mute hardware is forming a muted product cluster, to achieve Silent technology and products lead the way and provide consumers with a full range of high quality silent life.

PVC, or uPVC profiles, is an perfect material used for doors in your home. 

The modern,low-maintance,cost saving help your work while maximizing your investment.

For Pvc Door styles:

--PVC Casement door

--PVC Sliding door

--PVC Hinge door

--uPVC Folding door

All above door styles can be achieved by uPVC door profiles.

Certification authority and moisture-resistant. The high durability of vinyl offer excellent weather

resistance to PVC doors and they can withstand a range of temperature conditions. 

Low maintenance is a big advantage with PVC doors.

Pvc Door Profile

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