Sichuan checks labor protection supplies safety nets failed

The safety net is mainly used in construction to prevent people and objects from falling or avoiding, reducing net injuries caused by falling and physical damage, and protecting the personal safety of construction workers. According to the results of a special spot check on the quality of labor protection products reported by the Sichuan Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in 2010, the quality of safety net products is worrying, and the pass rate is only 46%.

In the first quarter of 2010, the four provincial quality and technical supervision bureaus conducted special inspections of labor protection gloves, safety nets, safety helmets, and other labor protection products produced by labor protection product manufacturers in Chengdu and Neijiang, and a total of 100 enterprises were sampled. The 100 batches of products produced were tested in accordance with the relevant standards, 89 batches were qualified, and the pass rate of spot checks was 89%. Among them, there are 7 batches of the product of the close-secure safety net, 3 batches of qualified, and the qualified rate is 42.9%; 6 sets of safety net products, 3 batches of qualified, and the pass rate is 50%. The unqualified items of safety net products mainly include: rope breaking strength, impact performance, breaking strength × elongation at break, penetration resistance performance, and marking.

In addition, a random inspection of 14 batches of helmet products, qualified 10 batches, pass rate of 71.4%, unqualified items are mainly: logo, chin strap strength. 73 batches of labor protective glove products were spot checked, all of them passed the inspection, and the pass rate was 100%.

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