Several aspects of the decoration contract prone to problems

The signing of a home improvement contract is the first step in refurbishing a new home. First, when signing a contract, there is no doubt in mind. When consumers come to the home improvement company before the renovation, there are many things to understand: the quality of the project, decoration materials, design, after-sales service, complaints and decoration contract and so on. If you are not sure about these issues, try not to rush to sign the contract. In addition, if decoration companies frequently change negotiators during the negotiation process, they should understand clearly what the reasons are. If it is because of the flow of people, the contract should be more cautious. So where are the problems in the decoration contract?

Disputes in home improvement contracts often appear in the following areas:

A more complete home improvement contract for the contract documents In addition to the project budget and design drawings, the construction process, construction plan for the key construction projects, and the material purchase orders for both parties should be included.

Project budget

The project budget for home decoration is generally complete to the consumers of formal decoration companies. A project budget based on the currently used "Shanghai Family Home Decoration Project Construction Demonstration Contract" related tables, including engineering items, quantities, unit prices, and reference materials.

Some consumers report that when the project is settled, there is a gap between the settlement amount and its own expectations. In fact, in addition to the changes in the costs of the engineering changes during the construction process, the main reason is the hydropower reform. Originally, when the decoration company and the consumer signed a home improvement contract, due to some circumstances at the scene, it was not very clear at the time, so the quotation was generally marked with the unit price of hydropower reform. The total project cost does not include the cost of hydropower reform. When the project is settled, the settlement of all projects is done, and the difference is inevitable. Therefore, I hereby advise you to request the decoration company to give you a reference quotation for the hydropower reform in the project quotation.

Design drawings

About Design Drawings Many home improvement disputes are reflected in the understanding of the project. For example, for the understanding of some project modeling, because there is no more detailed drawings, there may be some gaps in understanding between designers and consumers. Some projects may have gaps in specific dimensions because of unclear drawings. Therefore, when signing the contract, try to prepare the drawings as much as possible, avoid starting these tasks after the start of work, and causing unnecessary trouble.

Construction process

The construction process is a magic weapon that restricts the construction party from strictly implementing the agreed process practices and preventing the cutting-off of materials.

Construction plan

There must be a construction plan in the contract, mainly because the current delay in home decoration delays is quite serious, and it is difficult for consumers to find problems when the contractor begins to delay the construction period. Therefore, a more rigorous construction plan is a necessary weapon for consumers to protect themselves.

Material Purchase Orders for Party A and Party B

Nowadays, many home improvement contracts do not attach much importance to the material purchase orders of both sides of the contract. Although some provisions are made in the contract, most of them are superficial and are mainly reflected in the brand of the materials, the time limit of the procurement, the acceptance method, and the acceptance personnel. There are no clearly defined aspects. Therefore, some of the above-mentioned documents that are often overlooked in home decoration contracts should not be missed.

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